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Potential Savings The cost of a year at Word of Life Bible Institute is about half of the annual tuition at most private faith-based colleges. Considering the many transfer benefits and credits ordered by the nation’s top Christan colleges, the average Word of Life student saves over $42,865 over the course of his or her college career – just by spending a year at Word of Life!

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Cost Per Year Discount

Total Savings



Davis College



$2,500 for first year and $3,000 for second year

Appalachian Bible College




Bryan College




Cairn College




Calvary University




Cedarville University




Clarks Summit University




Columbia International University (online) Columbia International University







Lancaster Bible College



$1,000 for first year and $1,500 for second year $2,000 for first year and $3,500 for second year

Liberty University



Trinity Baptist College



Word of Life Bible Institute


Potential savings are calculated based on four years of college. We take the amount you save as a Freshman by attending WOLBI instead of the school mentioned above and then add in the savings over the next three years with the max potential scholarships associated with each school, resulting in the total underneath Potential Savings. A formula can be followed as (Cost of one year at school X - the cost of one year at WOLBI) + (Max scholarship amount x 3) = Savings. Numbers are approximate and subject to change.

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