West X - Information Management and Technology Division

West X Business Solutions Information Management & Technology Consulting West X is a team of information management and technology consultants who are focused on helping small and mid-sized businesses reach their organizational goals through the more thoughtful and effective use of information and information management systems. We are experts in enterprise content management, business process improvement, mobile workforce digitization, and information governance & security. Our consultants are Certified Information Professionals and our approach is completely independent and vendor-neutral. This ensures that our clients receive advice and recommendations that are rooted in today’s best practices and gain real-world advantages regardless of which technologies or providers are utilized. We help our clients improve the

performance of their organization through the more thoughtful and effective use of information and information systems.

What We Do We help our clients turn information into action by enabling technology-driven business insights and creating collaborative decision making environments that embrace mobility, big data,

and cloud. Our team of business analysts, projects managers, and information professionals bridge the gap that often exists between business goals and information management. Our approaches and recommendations help business owners and executives make better, quicker decisions that create competitive advantages, save money through improved workflow and efficiency, and protect and govern information in ways that reduce risk and ensure compliance.

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