Egyption History & Travel - 2010

perspective. From 600 to 1000 ft. up is very different. The tenuousness of all life in Egypt is quite clear from the balloon basket.

More Personal Encounters Our meals and teas shared with Egyptians in their own homes were certainly intriguing chances to meet and hear from citizens in an informal setting where they were comfortable. We are grateful for all the opportunities we were given. Our encounters with the school children at the OAT sponsored elementary school was stimulating and it made us all glad that OAT shares some of our trip price monies with projects that benefit the local people where we are tourists. The children in the school were like school kids everywhere, filled with innocence, eagerness, mischief and humor. The influence of our own culture on these remote school children was evident in one little fellow's Spiderman mask and gestures. The ladies at the new opened Women's Center also sponsored by OAT were shy but pleased to sell our group some of their sewing craft items. Not only are the women being taught to create items for tourists, but their children are given the opportunity for schooling and childcare services.


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