Egyption History & Travel - 2010

He introduced us to his mother and his wife and one of his children. The ladies demonstrated bread making and showed us how the flour is ground with an old stone hand-turned “mill.” We saw how he created furniture from bamboo, tables, chairs, bed frames. He proudly explained a mural at the entrance to his home showing a large black square (the Kaaba in Mecca), a boat, and a plane. He explained that this was the documentation of his and his mother's pilgrimage to Mecca together. The Nubian family in Aswan welcomed us into their city apartment and told us about their lives as educated citizens who work in offices and schools. Their lifestyle was not far removed from our own. Their evening meal offered to our group was delicious and clearly labor-intensive. The lady of the house had worked all day preparing all the different dishes for our enjoyment. Conversation with this family was facilitated by the young men who could speak English well. The hostess was not fluent in English but her sons could translate our compliments and gratitude to her


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