Egyption History & Travel - 2010

Howard Carter's Home

Another person to person encounter we enjoyed was one step removed from face to face.

We visited Howard Carter's home near the entrance to the Valley of the Kings where he did so much of his archeology and made the astounding discovery of King Tut's tomb! Of course, Mr. Carter died in l939 so we did not actually meet him. But his house has been preserved as a historical site and it is maintained as it was when he worked there. It is a fairly modest house in a garden setting with trees and shrubs and even some grass. What a surprise in the middle of the desert! The house is furnished with the same accessories as when Carter lived there during “digging” season. Personal items sit around the rooms, like his typewriter, his glasses, clothing and books he kept. But what makes the visitor feel as if he is “meeting” Carter is the presence of his diaries, open and readable. He kept very careful notes of his archeological findings and work but interspersed the technical notes with his feelings, his doubts, and his hopes in his work. His delight when something wonderful is discovered and his disappointment when his plans do not produce what he thought might be found. His frustrations and his


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