Egyption History & Travel - 2010

perspective on the desert and the living waters of the Nile contrasted with the ancient monuments of Pharaohs from so long ago.

And yet, our studies of ancient Egypt taught us that this has always been the way of Egyptian life—all powerful Pharaohs and their noblemen vassals and advisers and then the rest of the people, the great majority of human beings in the country. There is no tradition of democracy or equal opportunity for all or even justice under the law in Egypt. Can these desperate and proud protesters really turn the page of thousands of years of history and create something better and fairer for all the people in Egypt? We loved seeing all the marvelous legacies of the ancient Egyptian rulers, the pyramids, the temples, the tombs and learning something of their way of life and their beliefs. But now we are hoping to see change for Egypt—a new story of democracy, religious freedom and tolerance, economic stability, and the freedom to pursue personal happiness for all Egyptians—not just “Pharaohs” and their minions.

Stayed tuned.

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