Egyption History & Travel - 2010

Courtyard to Left -------- Front Entrance Below

Another important Coptic Christian church in Cairo is the “Hanging Church” whose real name is Saint Virgin Mary's Coptic from 3 rd century AD It is the Babylon Fortress, an of the Hanging Church is into the fort. The land

Orthodox Church and it dates located above a gatehouse of early Roman structure. The nave suspended over a passageway

surface has risen almost 30 ft. since Roman times and the original tower of the fort is partially buried now. Because of this geologic factor, the elevation of the church is not as dramatic as it must have been in earlier times. Incidentally, tradition has it that Joseph may have worked at the Babylon Fortress during the time the Holy Family lived in Cairo. In this church is a mosaic map indicating the many small towns along the Nile where Christian churches associated with the Holy Family's residence in Egypt were built. Many of the ones still extant claim direct connections with the Family. They may claim to have an article of Mary's clothing or a piece of furniture created by Joseph, or something belonging to the Baby Jesus. The whole concept was a revelation to me because I had never heard any of these stories, nor had I ever read or been told anything about the Holy Family's residence in Egypt.


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