Egyption History & Travel - 2010

with Djoser. Carvings on the walls of his tomb give pertinent information about his life and works.

Djoser Step Pyramid Djoser was Pharaoh in the 3 rd dynasty of the Old Kingdom. His famous pyramid tomb is in Saqqara, another huge burial site for pharaohs and noblemen. Other Pharaohs had apparently built their tombs and mortuary temples in an architectural form known gas “mastabas.” These were basically long rectangular buildings of one story designed around a large lintel type opening. It was Imhotep's brilliant idea to use that rectangular style to create a pyramidal shape for Djoser's monument. He made six layers of what were “mastaba”-like constructs and piled them one atop the last with smaller and smaller rectangles. So the Step Pyramid looks like it could be climbed like stair steps if a person were giant with seven-league boots. This first pyramid has lasted through the ages, a testament to Imhotep's architectural genius.

Djoser's Step pyramid - picture from


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