Egyption History & Travel - 2010

The Red Pyramid Sneferu's largest pyramid is called “The Red Pyramid” because of the color the limestone used in its construction. It is a lesser quality limestone than that usually employed by builders and it takes on a reddish tinge in certain lights. It is the 3 rd largest pyramid, after Cheop's and Cephren's at Giza. This one is 340 ft. tall and rises at a 43 degree angle.

The Red Pyramid - picture from

The three pyramids at Giza were built by Pharaohs Khufu, Chephren, and Menkaure: grandfather, father and son in that order. All of these Pharaohs ruled in the 4 th dynasty of the Old Kingdom following after Sneferu.

The Great Pyramid Khufu built the Great Pyramid of Giza for himself. It is the most famous of all the pyramids of Egypt. It is also the largest, as denoted by its nickname. For 3800 years it was the tallest structure in the world at 480.6 ft in height. Today it is only 455.4 due to erosion and loss of its cap (pryamidon). What we see today when we gaze awestruck at this amazing mountain of stone is its inner core. The outer casing stones have been lost over the centuries, though some of them remain at the foot of the pyramid where they fell. They show that the Great Pyramid would have had smooth sides rather than the rubbly appearance we see today.


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