Egyption History & Travel - 2010

The bases of the pyramid are 755.9 feet long and there is only a 58 mm. average error in the construction. The mass of this enormous monument is estimated at 5.9 million tons of stone. No wonder the Great Pyramid is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; it is also the oldest of the seven. The angle of ascent of the walls of the pyramid is a little more than 51 degrees. There are three known chambers within the structure and tourists are allowed to enter one of them. John did the duck walk (or Groucho Marx Crouch) that it takes to descend into the chamber. Though it was difficult, he thought going inside was definitely worth the strain on his back and legs. This is the only pyramid with both ascending and descending corridors. At present there is nothing left in the chamber though there is some carving on the corridor walls.

Khufu's son, Chephren, built the 2nd oldest of the Giza Pyramids and the associated Sphinx.


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