Egyption History & Travel - 2010

months. During those months every year the people worked for pay on the pyramids and other monuments commissioned by the Pharaohs. There are written records of the money paid as well as other remunerations such as foodstuffs, metals and semi-precious stones. So don't believe everything you see at the movies.

First Intermediate Period (2181-1787 BC)

This period was a time of disintegration of the accomplishments of the Old Kingdom. The country fell into various factions with petty potentates challenging the leadership of the Pharaohs Religious ties that bound the people's together began to fray as citizens in various parts of the country chose their own gods and goddesses (from the Egyptian pantheon) to emphasize. Because of the internal weakness in the nation, there were incursions by foreigners as well. Art & architecture were not as important or as formalized as when Egypt existed as a cohesive state. Though we saw artifacts from this period in the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, we did not visit any sites associated with that long era.

The Middle Kingdom (1787-1705 BC)

Our visit to Egypt did not really include any important sites relevant to the Middle Kingdom either. The necropolis during that period was at Memphis which we did not see. The historical importance of the Middle Kingdom does not lie so much in the monuments or records of its Pharaohs Though there are a couple of familiar names such as Sesostris and his sons, what made this period interesting is that it encompassed the rebuilding of the Egyptian nation after it had fallen into a state of disintegration with civil wars and dissolution of the bonds between various parts of the country. Sesostris and his heirs spent the period between 2055 and 1985 rebuilding the country, repelling its outside enemies and reuniting the fractious sections into a strong, prosperous and united nation once again. These Pharaohs were warriors and politicians rather than monument builders. Their energies were spent in fighting the enemies hostile to a powerful Egypt. Therefore, there are not as many records of their careers carved in various sites to record their triumphs. But win the victories they sought they definitely did and brought Egypt back to another Golden Age.


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