Egyption History & Travel - 2010

The Triad of Thebes The Triad of Thebes, the God Amun, his wife Mut, and their son Khonsu, was the primary object of worship during the New Kingdom. There are a vast number of temples, chapels, and pylons all over the complex, but the largest and the one open to the public is The Great Temple of Amun. Though its features are not unique to Egyptian architecture, the size and number of features is overwhelming. The dimensions of the Hypostyle Hall for Amun's temple gives a good idea of the scale of the edifices at Karnak. It is 50,000 feet long with 134 massive columns in 16 rows. 122 of the columns are 33 ft. high and the other 12 are 69 ft. high and 10 ft. around. Their “architraves” (top sections) are estimated to weigh 70 tons! We all wonder how the Egyptians built pyramids, but we have to be awestruck as well in contemplating what it must have taken to raise these enormous columns!

Hypostyle Hall

There is also a sacred lake associated with the Temple Complex, as there was usually a lake included in other temple construction to keep water available for purification


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