Egyption History & Travel - 2010

Nefertari's temple is 328 ft. farther along the same escarpment and is somewhat smaller but still stunning in its size and beauty. Her temple is dedicated to Hathor, mother and wife goddess to Horus. She is often depicted as a cow since she nursed the infant Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. When carved as a human figure, she wears cow horns as her crown. In the entire small temple Nefertari is linked with Hathor in several ways—she is shown performing religious rites honoring Hathor, she is carved playing the sinistrum, a musical lyre-like instrument associated with Hathor, she is with her husband in scenes where he is being attended by Hathor and Horus. The inner part of the temple is much smaller than Ramses' with only a single columned (hypostyle) hall and an inner sanctuary. However, the carvings and paintings of scenes of Nefertari's life and her adoration of the Hathor and many other gods are just as elegant and beautiful as those in the larger temple. The There are six columns upholding the ceiling of the hypostyle hall but instead of being made in the figure of gods or goddesses, they are decorated with carvings of scenes with Hathor. The overall impression that these two great monuments of the New Kingdom make on a visitor can only be described by me using my own reaction. As Kathy and I rounded the escarpment from the area where the tourists begin their walk to the shores of Lake Nasser, we were both intimidated into silence by the grandeur before us and tears burned our cheeks. We were so grateful to be able to see this wonder for ourselves that we were pretty much overwhelmed with emotion. Even the pyramids did not produce such a reaction from us. Perhaps it was not only nobility and magnificence of the site itself but also our recollection of the enormous effort people from around the world had made to save it for posterity! It was as though it had been created twice - first by Ramses The Great himself and then by the “better angels” of 20 th century mankind.


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