Egyption History & Travel - 2010

John & I enjoyed our experience but it was bettered by the fact that when we saw Kathy and Kay in the boat to take us back to our Nile riverboat, we could see she was much improved!

Moghul Restaurant

We ate Egyptian food in local restaurants, in hotels, and a picnic setting on a Nile island. We had Indian Cuisine at the famous Moghul Restaurant at the Oberoi Hotel across from the Giza pyramids.

Dining at this famous restaurant was practically an order given to us by Kathy's former boss and friend, M. Narang, an expert on the cuisine of his native country as it is prepared around the world. Since all four of us love Indian cooking, we were more than happy to comply. We had a free night in Cairo during our short stay in the capital city, so we asked our guide Hany to help us arrange an outing to the Oberoi Hotel which houses the Moghul. This 5 star hotel stands across a wide avenue and some stretch of desert from the Pyramids of Giza, so one couldn't ask for a more iconic setting for a dining experience. However, it is a little odd that the cuisine for the evening will be Indian. Maybe not so


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