Egyption History & Travel - 2010

strange when we consider that the Oberoi is an Indian-owned hotel chain. At any rate, the background cannot be improved upon, but the interior of the restaurant is pretty special too. Spacious, with lots of room between tables, accented with Indian architectural accents and art, deeply carpeted, provided with comfortable chairs, and impeccable service. And perhaps most gratifying of all, the prices were not outrageous, not even very pricey. It was good that this evening predated Kathy's bout with “Pharaoh's curse” so she was able to enjoy the food as much as we did. The food is Northern Indian but quite familiar to us since we eat this food as often as we have the chance. Everything was tasty and wonderfully prepared from the samosa appetizers to the gulab jaman dessert. Mr. Narang was right—it was a real treat in every way. What a way to start our exciting visit to Egypt!

The Aswan Dam

The Aswan Low Dam was constructed during the British colonial period and at the time it was the most ambitious such project in the world. The British started the dam in 1899 and it was completed in 1902, and then was twice raised when the heights proved inadequate for the job of controlling the annual Nile flooding. The most ingenious and


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