Egyption History & Travel - 2010

Others were saved by allowing foreign governments to participate in the relocation projects and then receive a small temple or monument as payment for their efforts. Our help in this project resulted in our receiving the Temple of Dendar for the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. Some of the unanticipated problems include an increase in the snail population which carries a devastating disease call bilharzia. The irrigation canals harbor these snails where before the annual flooding prevented such standing waters and allowed no accumulation of the snails. Another such problem was the overgrowth of algae and water weeds in the river and the side channels. Solutions to these problems have been found and now the incidence of bilharzia has been reduced from 40% after the first years of dam operations down to 2% today.

Specifications for this mighty dam are impressive: the bulwark is 12,566 ft. long and 3215 ft. wide at its base with 131 ft. width at the crest and 364 ft. high.

Lake Nasser is 342 miles long and 22 miles wide at its fullest. The surface area is 2027 square miles. It is estimated that at the present rate of silting in Lake Nasser, the reservoir will continue to function another 300-500 years.


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