Egyption History & Travel - 2010

Egyptian-Russian Friendship Monument

This is the wonderful modern monument to the Russian-Egyptian cooperative project to construct the Aswan High Dam. It is shaped as an elongated lotus flower and contains carvings in Cyrillic letter and Arabic describing the friendship of the two countries. There is a coat of arms on the left of Russia and one for Egypt on the right side of the pictures. Because Nasser died before the dam could be opened, not only is his face present on the walls along with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, so is Anwar Sadat's, President when the dam was officially opened. The River Nile from a Hot Air Balloon This topic sounds like a strange transition from the discussion of the dams at Aswan, but actually it is not. Our early morning balloon ride from a base in Luxor revealed to us dramatically the absolute necessity of the Nile River to Egypt. Though we had read and received information about this dependence, seeing the Nile from air about 1000 ft. up was a revelation. The dryness of the Egyptian desert is legend and I have already described our reactions to it. But the slender green band on both sides of the Nile is a miracle. Life in all its forms extends about 5 miles on either side of that tiny string of water. It looks so small from the air and the green space so vulnerable. It is true that you can view this scene from an airplane too, but then you are so high up you lose all


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