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M Y M I RAC L E We live in a crazy world, and sometimes we forget miracles can happen. When I feel overwhelmed, I think about my youngest daughter, Emmi, and I know someone’s looking out for me. The story of how she came into our lives is nothing short of miraculous.


prevented her from raising a child, and even though she was about seven months pregnant, she only just learned she was expecting! She wasn’t even showing, and all of her pregnancy tests had somehow come back negative. When she visited us, she liked Dalya a lot and told us any people who could raise such a sweet girl must be great parents. This was a true Blessing. Other parents wait for years and suffer so much disappointment on their journey to adoption. Our baby was due in mid-January, so we were concerned when Sarah called the house in the middle of the night in early December. She’d been throwing up for hours and was afraid she’d be fired if she couldn’t get a work excuse. I drove her to the emergency room, got her a work note, and since she lived alone, we agreed she should come back to our house until she felt better. The next night, we were woken up again, this time by a knock on our bedroom door as Sarah informed us her water broke! Carol rushed her to the hospital while I struggled to get in touch with our attorney. I consider this another miracle. Had Sarah not called us on Thursday, and had I not agreed to take her to the ER that night, she would have been completely alone when she went into labor. Instead, Carol got to be with her through the entire birth. Meanwhile, I finally got ahold of our attorney, who was furious when I called him at home. He explained that we needed to wait until the baby came and please not bother him on the weekends. Then I told him the baby had

come early and after he got over the shock, he quickly jumped into gear and got us the paperwork we needed to establish custody

My wife gave birth to our first daughter, Dalya, a year after we were married. It was scary being new parents, but we were excited to start our family. A few years later, when Carol and I decided to have another child, it wasn’t as straightforward. We tried “traditional” techniques and in vitro fertilization to no avail. Nine years after Dalya was born, we started to seriously look into adoption. recommendations, and more. It took almost a year to get everything submitted, but finally we were ready. We were prepared to travel to China or Romania to adopt, but fortuitously, a young lady in the area — we’ll call her “Sarah” — was pregnant and looking for someone to adopt her child. This sort of happenstance is unheard of in the adoption process, and I called Sarah as soon as possible. While I invited her to our home to meet us, simultaneously, my wife was on the phone getting the news that we’d been approved to adopt! Such serendipity was nothing short of a miracle. Adopting is not an easy process; it involves home inspections, paperwork,

of our daughter and take her home with us from the hospital. Of course, that is also unheard of in the adoption world, and yet another miracle. Emmi was a healthy 5 pounds, 9 ounces when she was born, a normal weight for a girl. Turns out, she wasn’t early at all. We were overjoyed to meet our healthy baby girl, and Sarah felt no hesitation about giving her to Carol at the hospital. She knew this was best for herself and the baby. Emmi’s full name is Emunah , which is Hebrew for “deep faith in G-d.” We experienced many miracles so we could bring Emmi home almost eight years ago, and I’m grateful for every single one. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without Emmi. It’s important to remember that miracles can, and do, happen. If anyone out there has miraculous stories of their own, I’d love to hear them! Send me your stories via email at jmiller@ or through Facebook by visiting . We may publish your story in a future newsletter. – Joseph Miller

The very opportunity to adopt this baby was another miracle. Sarah’s circumstances

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