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| How a Beagle Mix Helped Pass a Law in Georgia

P et H ero of the Y ear

You probably remember the Best Picture debacle at the Oscars this year. Best Picture: “La La Land.” Wait, actually — “Moonlight!” On the other hand, April’s 5th Annual Pet Hero Awards went without a hitch, and one pup walked away with the night’s top award for pets.

Draughton of Illinois pledged to pay for her recovery and, ultimately, adopted her.

Since then, Phil and Gracie have headed a campaign to spread awareness of banning gas chambers. On December 31, 2010, Georgia passed a law to ban them — a law called “Gracie’s Law” in her honor. Along with Animal Aid USA and the MOMS Rescue, they collected over 25,000 signatures of support to push the law through the state legislature. According to the Humane Society of the United States, 2.4 million adoptable cats and dogs are put down in the U.S. each year, many in gas chambers. For them, Phil and Gracie continue to fight the good fight.

Amazing Grace’s Story

In 2006, Gracie was one of 3 million dogs in shelters nationwide. Unfortunately, she was on mutt death row. One July day, Grace and six other dogs were loaded into a gas chamber at Liberty Animal Control in Hinesville, Georgia. Thirty-two minutes later, the control officer returned to empty the gas chamber, only to find that one mutt — Gracie — was still alive and gasping for air. The horrified officer rushed her to a local veterinary office, unwilling to put her through it again. Local news outlets picked up the story of the miracle survivor, and eventually, so did CNN. One viewer was particularly taken with the story. Phil

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