Grant’s Supermarkets IGA Community Connected. Community Committed. Owners: (LR) Ronnie Cruey, Randle Grant and Ron Martin

It is with great respect and pleasure, that Merchants Distributors, LLC name Grant’s Supermarkets IGA as our 2020 IGA Hometown Proud Retailer. With this designation, we are nominating Grant’s IGA Supermarkets for IGA USA 2020 International Retailer of the Year. Grant’s was founded in 1948, by W.R. & Cora Grant. The couple built a 30′ x 60′ cinder block store at “The Gap of the Ridge”, near Princeton, WV. In 1965, Randle Grant returned to the Bluefield area. Randle rejoined his parents in the grocery business after an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force. In 2003, Randle Grant joined forces with Ron Martin and Ronnie Cruey. Hometown Grocery, LLC., based in Bluefield, WVA was formed in 2008 by the three owners. In 2019, the group joined the IGA family with the licensing of 16 retail locations. Today, Ron, Ronnie, and Randle operate a regional chain, of 16 IGA Supermarkets, with locations in Southern West Virginia and Southwest Virginia. The Grant’s IGA Group is deeply invested in all their communities. Several of the stores are in small towns and communities that would not have a full-service grocery store if it were not for Grant’s Supermarkets IGA. When a national chain exits an area, Grant’s IGA established, renovated, and upgraded the vacant store to better serve the community. Smithers, WV and Bluewell, WV are the latest stores saving the community from being classified as a “food desert”. Grant’s IGA fully understands the commitment it takes to operate and support the rural communities. Under the leadership of Ron Martin, Ronnie Cruey, and Randle Grant the group is excelling in an ever-changing grocery industry. Individually, the three com- plement one another very well. Ron Martin serves as Mayor of Bluefield, WV and is deeply involved in helping the area grow through new economic efforts all while overseeing the day to day operations of Grant’s IGA. Ronnie Cruey takes the lead on renovating and upgrading locations vacated by former supermar- ket operators. Once the store opens, Ronnie leads the Full-Service, Meat Department operation for Grant’s IGA that is one of the best grocery industry and is truly the foundation of the business. Lastly, Randle Grant brings years of experience and knowledge to the group. Together, the three owners have formed a very solid team! The Grant’s IGA group is one of the best in the business at “giving back”! Three core events highlight their community involvement. “March Gradness” con- tributed $26,834 to 33 local high schools in March of 2019. “Operation Red, White, and Blue” contributed $26,029 in June of 2019. To date, “20 Days of Giv- ing” has donated over 14,000 food bags to local organizations. The Grant’s IGA Group is fully engaged in Community Service, Sponsorships, and Donations.

Please accept and review this application displaying Grant’s IGA focus on being Hometown Proud, Community Connected, and Community Committed!

Respectfully Submitted,

Alan Atwood MDI – Retail Counselor

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