Limitless PTS: Is Back Pain Slowing You Down?

LIMITLESS TRAINING CENTER INTRODUCTION: Here at Limitless Physical Therapy Specialists we are committed to reshaping healthcare by emphasizing prevention through a healthy lifestyle, and making exercise the first treatment for musculoskeletal pain. We are continually working to grow a community of like-minded individuals including doctors of physical therapy and personal trainers to offer a variety of safe and effective exercise options. We are confident that we have developed a class option to meet your fitness needs. LIMITLESS - STRENGTH: STRENGTH was designed with the help of physical therapists to be a safe, and effective way to improve strength that helps you live life without getting injured. This class uses a steady progression to show measurable results from week to week. You will use a combination of strength training, mobility work, and skill development of functional movement. LIMITLESS - TRANSFORM: TRANSFORM is all about putting in hard work to see a BIG change in your body.This is a high intensity class that will get your heart rate up and keep you working hard for the whole time.The instructor will utilize interval training, strengthening, mobility, and cardiovascular training to push you through your limits. We are constantly changing up the routine to keep the exercises fresh and your body working hard. LIMITLESS - FUNCTION: FUNCTION is a high intensity, function-based strength and conditioning program. Trainers utilize a combination of Olympic weight-lifting, gymnastics skills, odd object lifting, jumping, running, mobility work, and metabolic interval training. The emphasis of FUNCTION is building real life strength, endurance, power, and coordination. LIMITLESS - ELITE: ELITE is a program designed for the young athlete. Participants will focus on motor control, skill development, flexibility, strength, and power. Depending on the age/development of the individual, we will be working on competence with Olympic weight-lifting.The programing for ELITE is adapted for athletes in season vs. off season. Additionally, we have built in evidence based, sport specific injury prevention drills into the workouts. LIMITLESS - JUNIORS: This is fun, fast paced hour class for kids designed to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle. We incorporate movement literacy, gymnastics skills, running, jumping, and flexibility in a fun, game-like setting. Kids will work hard while making fun with their friends a priority. LIMITLESS - PERSONAL TRAINING: Description: This is very focused one on one training with a highly skilled personal trainer.This gives individuals the most attention possible in a training setting to ensure correct form and to help you reach your specific goals.

Fitness Client Success Story

“I have truly made great progress... and will continue to do so!” “After 2.5 years, I am delighted and truly surprised to report that I feel much stronger, more flexible, more energized and better able to do almost every physical activity. Of course, cycling, hiking, rowing and snowshoeing are easier and more fun - which I expected. What I did not expect was a marked improvement in flexibility and balance that now emanate from a much stronger core and better balanced muscle strength overall. In summary, by taking a risk and embracing a personal training regimen with Charlene, an experienced and sensitive personal trainer, I am driving my life forward in retirement in many positive ways. I encourage others to think “outside of the box” and consider personal training. Under Charlene’s guidance, I have truly made great progress... and will continue to do so!” - Bob Pizzutiello Attention Low Back Pain Sufferers!

• Do you suffer with low back pain when you sit, stand or walk? • Is it difficult for you to bend over and pick something up off of the floor?

Please come to this FREE Low Back Pain Workshop to learn the following: - The single biggest mistake back pain sufferers make which actually stops them from healing - The most common causes of lower back pain and prevent them - A sure-fire way to pick the right treatment for the cause of your pain (and save you a ton of time and money) - How a problem in your lower back can cause pain elsewhere in your body

LIMITLESS - CORPORATE: This is a custom fit program that could potentially include nutrition counseling, group or individual exercise classes, stretching programs, and functional lifting.

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If any of the classes above sound like a perfect fit for your lifestyle, give us a call today at (585) 869-5140 OR visit us online at: Class times and details can be found on our website

Call us today to reserve your spot at our FREE Lower Back Pain Workshop as there are a limited number of seats available! SATURDAY, MARCH 16TH, 2018 @ 6:30 PM

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