C+S December 2022 Vol. 8 Issue 12 (web)

• analysis of land use patterns and ownership, and • identification of natural assets that could serve as part of the solution. A landscaped berm behind the seawall will preserve the area’s natural beauty while strengthening the neighborhood’s defenses at the perimeter with a two-tiered system to keep out saltwater. A conceptual plan reconfigures local streets and drainage infrastructure and channels excess rainfall to a detention area in Lazarillo Park to prevent stormwater from inundating neighborhood homes. By lowering the park’s elevation and retrofitting its facilities to withstand intermittent flooding, the neighborhood preserves the amenity while adding storage capacity for stormwater.

An advanced pumping system returns stormwater to the Bay. Although this adaptation alternative may require changes in the neighborhood’s layout, this vision also offers opportunities to restore amenities and preserve livability over the next 30 years.


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