C+S December 2022 Vol. 8 Issue 12 (web)

As part of the lift station upgrade, the existing submersible pumps were decommissioned and two 10HP Flygt N-Technology submersible pumps were installed in the existing submersible wet well. The Flygt pumps now operate as the primary pumps, and the existing surface pumps now serve as the backup pumps, providing the village of Mill- ersport the reliable pumping they needed. The Flygt submersible pumps are controlled by two Aquavar IPC variable frequency drives (VFDs), water level control float sensors, a MultiSmart controller and NEMA 4X panel. From concept to delivery and commissioning, the entire project, in- cluding weather delays, took about eight months. According to Lutz, similar public utility projects he has worked on took up to four years to go through the typical bid and spec process. Results Since completion of the upgrade, the village of Millersport has en- joyed relief from the frequent repairs and loss of valuable time spent on cleanup after rain events. Lutz is also confident energy consumption at the Terrace Street Lift Station has dropped. Additionally, he likes the capability of the new MultiSmart control- lers, including the alarm and performance history features. Over time, Lutz believes the controllers’ capabilities will enable him to reduce his onsite presence in Millersport. Overall, the village is happy with the outcome of the upgrade and will continue to look for opportunities for turnkey solutions with Xylem going forward. In fact, based on the success of this upgrade, Lutz tapped Xylem for another turnkey project to further enhance the remote monitoring and controls system at the Millersport facility. During rain events, Lutz was still operating the upgraded Terrace Street Lift Station in manual mode to ensure the downstream wastewater plant didn’t flood. That, once again, resulted in Lutz having to drop whatever he was doing – regard- less of the time of day – to go to Millersport to turn the pump on or off as needed. Now, with the installation of the Flygt Cloud SCADA remote moni- toring solution, Lutz has the ability to remotely monitor, and more importantly remotely control the pumps in Millersport to ensure the appropriate levels are achieved and to eliminate any wastewater spills.

A behind-the-scenes view of the MultiSmart pump station controller

A screenshot of the system running an Insulation Resistance Test (IRT) in real time



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