Great Smiles of NJ - December 2022




Whew, we did it — another year is in the books! 2022 felt like a big transition year to me. We’re coming out of the pandemic and accepting COVID-19 as a part of life. It feels like we’ve finally figured out the “new normal” people have been talking about since 2020. You’d think the transition out of COVID-19 would have ended with the vaccine rollout last year, but I saw a lot of patients this year for the first time since 2019! If you were one of them, thank you so much for returning to the office. It was great to see you and catch up. I hope the new momentum we’ve built with these visits continues into 2023 and beyond. The pandemic was terrible in almost every way, but one positive thing that came from it was a new awareness of our health. Several of my patients had a “eureka moment” when they learned that their underlying health was the No. 1 predictor of whether or not they would recover from COVID-19 without complications . They finally realized just how important it is for their overall health to exercise regularly, eat well, treat their sleep apnea, and even see the dentist. Every time I hear a patient’s story about that realization, it makes my day. It took a pandemic, but our message about the importance of dentistry is finally getting through! Even people who thought they were healthy pre-COVID-19 are coming to my team for help with inflammation in their bodies from things like gum disease or a tooth that’s not doing very well. They know that those things affect their whole immune system. I’ve been thinking a lot about these changes in dentistry over the holidays, but I’m also trying to leave work at work and spend more quality time with my family. We’re planning another giant cookie assembly line this year to bake classic chocolate chip, ranch cookies (a chunky cookie full of oats and Rice Krispies), butter cookies, rainbow cookies, and rum balls. I can’t wait to get into the kitchen with my husband and kids. We’re even inviting the kids’ significant others to join the fun this year. That’s an important milestone for the Weddle house! I feel fortunate to be able to spend time with my loved ones again after two strange holiday seasons. To help my team do the same, we’ll be closing the

Happy Holidays

office from Friday, Dec. 23 through Dec. 30. Everyone enjoyed the break last year and squeezed in all kinds of activities with their spouses, kids, and church groups that they otherwise wouldn't have had time for. When I heard that, I knew we had to do it again! Since we’ll be closed for a few weeks in December, I highly recommend scheduling an appointment now if you have dental insurance benefits that expire at the end of 2022. Many of our patients who have dental insurance lose hundreds — even thousands! — of dollars each year because they don’t use all of their FSA money and insurance benefits before they expire. Once these benefits are gone, they’re lost forever. So, if you are due for a checkup and cleaning, or need additional dentistry done, give us a call at 908-561-0225 to schedule an appointment before Dec. 23. You’ll end up with a beautiful smile for your holiday photos, and you won’t lose any money!

To your great smiles and better health,

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