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INSIDE : • Find Arthritis Pain Relief “I would creep down the stairs in the early morning while my parents were still asleep and stop at the last few steps - because I wasn’t allowed to go downstairs so technically I wasn’t downstairs - and I would be in awe of all the presents sitting at the • Arthritis and Physical Therapy The holidays are here and I hope that everyone still has their sanity fully intact. I thought this month we would talk about everyone’s favorite memories of the Holidays while we were growing up. So I asked everyone in the office to share. Here’s what I got: “We used to decorate the tree and my mother would order pizza and let us drink soda, which we weren’t allowed to do. I would lay down at the bottom of the tree and look up at the tinsel hanging from the tree and be mesmerized by the sparkling.” -Bonnie “My family would all get together and have chips and dips and play wii sports, a video game. It was bowling and I would always win.” -Casey

bottom of the tree. I would try to figure out what each one was from about 25 feet away and it was so hard for me to not run down all the way to the tree but I also didn’t want to “break” the rules.” -Chris “One year during Channukah we had a really nice dinner and my parents both left to “run an errand” and they came back with a brand new puppy for me.” -Hannah “As a child when we celebrated Diwali in November we would all get together and play games that we would sing and dance and play cards. The best part was all the sweets we would get to eat. The refrigerator was full of pounds and pounds of sweets.” -Anna “When I was little we used to get in the car on Christmas Eve and drive around looking at all the lights on the houses. It was magical! And now I do it with my kids too.” -Nicole

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