December 2016 Newsletter


Winter Golf Course Set Up

As part of our ongoing effort to improve the quality and consistency of our golf course playing conditions, the Golf & Green Committee approved the following action at the business meeting held on 8 November 2011. Winter play course set up at ANCC will commence on or about 1 December and re- main in effect until approximately 1 March each season. During this time only two sets of tee markers will be placed on each hole – one forward and one back. In many cases artificial mats will be placed on the teeing ground. When this option is utilized, all players should play from the mat and refrain from use of the grass teeing ground. We believe that this course of action will minimize winter damage, promote faster spring recovery and provide superior playing conditions during the golf season, generally March through October. The Committee thanks you for your support.

2 ANCC NEWSLETTER DECEMBER 2016 and players are to post their scores on these sheets. A total of 10 rounds of golf must be played only at the ANCC courses. For de- tails, contact Mary Fields at (703) 698-9427 or . WNHGO (Women’s 9-Hole) The season ended on Friday, 11 November at the Fall Luncheon with trophies for the winners of the four major tournaments: Committee Cup Winner : Norah Moseley Haffey Memorial Winner : Martha Prophett Memorial Cup Winner : Carole Coburn Championship Winner : Ginger Murray Championship Stableford Flight Winner : Marybeth Preisel Most improved Golfer : Martha Prophett Low putts - Arlington : Mary Fields Low putts - Fairfax : Suzanne Campen 2016-2017 Executive Board Chairman : Ginger Murray First Vice Chairman : Georgia Cylke Second Vice Chairman : Nancy Nicholson Secretary : Katrina Berdelle Treasurer : Mary Helmantoler Nominating Chairman : Mary Dominy Winter Golf began November 1 and ends on March 31, 2017. Sign-up sheets are posted in the ARL and FFX ladies locker rooms

Holiday Golf Shop & Course Hours December 24 – 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM •December 25 – Closed December 31 - 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM •January 1 – Closed

WGO-18 (Women’s 18-Hole) Upcoming December events:

Winter Golf is played during the inactive season from December through March. A minimum of ten 9-hole scores is required for completion. Sign up on the bulletin board in one of the locker rooms. Manually post your scores (using pencil) on the supplied score sheets on a bulletin board after you play. If you play 18 holes, post as two 9-hole scores. After posting 10 scores, if a future score is better than any of the ten listed, you can erase any score and replace it with an improved score. This process can be repeated until you have finished the season. At the end of the winter season, participants will be billed $5 and any winnings will be credited to their account. New members are welcome at any time during the year. Briefly, any female ANCC member, or female spouse of any ANCC member, 18 years of age or older, is eligible to join if they have an accredited USGA Handicap Index of 36.4 or less and at least five 18-hole scores played from any of the ANCC courses. Dues for full members are $55 per year which includes fees for Ace days. Dues for Social members (non-golfers) are $15 per year. For more info on WGO-18, click here . The 18-Hole Women’s Golf Organization, Army Navy Country Club, 2016 booklet is provided to all members either by hard copy delivery or digitally via email (dependent upon membership date). Contact Debbie Dawson, , for more details.

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