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The Alborzi Standard

July 2018

MY VISION FOR A Drug-Free World

them to make that choice themselves. Research from the foundation shows that whenever kids are shown the truth about these dangerous substances, their drug usage drops dramatically. After all, young people get involved in drugs for various reasons. Maybe they’re struggling with complicated feelings and turn to drugs, imagining the substances will help them cope. Or maybe these young people just want to be like their friends; peer pressure is an incredibly powerful motivator. Either way, if kids

Beyond supporting the Foundation for a Drug-Free World financially, I’m working today to help them get the truth out to schools in and beyond the United States. We have everything teachers need to break down the myths of drug usage for their students, from lesson plans and public service announcements to workbooks. It’s vital that elementary students are brought on board with the project so this information can be spread to kids who are still young enough to listen and learn without bias. Whenever I can, I share information with parents in nearby parent-teacher organizations, trying to get them to see how valuable and worthwhile it is to introduce these concepts to their students. It’s a difficult battle fighting against drug pushers and their endless stores of resources and misinformation, but I’m confident that as our society continues to learn and grow and commit to a drug-free world, we can do incredible things both at home and abroad. If you have a child and are interested in equipping them with the tools to push back against the allure of illicit drugs, I’d encourage you to check out and see for yourself what you can do to help.

Ever since I was little, I’ve been passionate about making the world we live in a better place. Over the years, I’ve become involved in all kinds of advocacy and volunteer organizations, each striving to make a difference and shift the paradigm in a positive direction. But of all the volunteer work I do, there are few organizations closer to my heart than the Foundation for a Drug- Free World and their Truth About Drugs campaign. With a vision for eradicating illicit drug use and its associated criminality, the foundation is particularly geared toward teaching children the harsh reality of drug use. Instead of wagging fingers and dogmatically declaring, “Don’t do drugs,” the foundation seeks to give children abundant research that shows the dangers of drug use, and it allows

and teens knew the reality of the situation they were getting themselves into, very few of them would become involved with these illicit substances. If you go to, you can see the abundance of educational materials the organization has prepared, including

the pamphlets and videos they’ve created with an aim to educate the public. Today, these materials are disseminated and utilized in over 120 countries worldwide. They’re used in households, police departments, and schools so that kids everywhere can learn the truth and avoid getting involved in drugs.

–Dr. Alexa Alborzi

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