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APRIL 2019



In early spring, people often have a lot on their minds. They’re thinking ahead to the summer months and what they want to accomplish. They’re also thinking about spring-cleaning. It’s one of those yearly traditions people have a habit of overthinking — myself included. I think about what I can do to get more organized at home, but I don’t always follow through. There’s a lot that can be said about follow through. A lot of people have the best intentions, whether that's the intent to declutter and organize — or the intent to finally go see a physical therapist. I mention this because many people put it off when they should take action. Every spring, as the temperatures get a little warmer, more people are taking brisk walks, going on jogs, or spending more time on their bikes, whether they’re commuting or just enjoying an afternoon ride around the area. With all this movement, people can easily strain themselves or realize their joints aren’t working like they used to. They begin to notice more pain or discomfort when walking or biking. I say this from experience. As I shared last month, I had a mixed ski season. I say mixed because while it was enjoyable, my knees started giving me a little trouble. I still had fun skiing — I even made a trip out to Utah with my

friends — but my knees let me know they were not happy! One advantage of being a physical therapist is I can usually self-diagnose aches and pains, and I think I have some tendonosis in my knees. There is a specific exercise program for this, and I will just have to stick to it. I used to play more team-based sports in the spring, but my knees aren’t as cooperative as they used to be. Of course, being a physical therapist, I know what I can do to help my knees. It’s important for me to do the same exercises I share with my patients. If you’re like me and your knees, or any other joints, aren't cooperating with you, let us know. There’s no reason you can’t get back out there and enjoy the spring — or the summer for that matter. Speaking of getting back out there: As I mentioned last month, my middle son, Julian, recently left for a post-graduation trip to Europe. He’s spending a few months traveling around the continent. One of his early stops was Hamburg, Germany. From there, he told me he was headed south toward Spain. It should be quite a journey! As Julian travels around Europe, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to meeting up with him at some point this spring. More specifically, I would meet up with

him in London — once he gets up to England, that is. London, of course, is where my wife and I met. I thought it would be fun to show Julian where our family started. Call it a little history lesson on his parents! I will also be spending some time this spring taking a few continuing education courses. I like to stay up- to-date with what’s going on in the physical therapy community. I hope to bring back new information and insight to the clinic. There’s always something new to learn, like new methods of treatment or techniques. It should be exciting!

With that, I hope you’re having a great spring! See you soon!

–Paul Kane, P.T., BSC, CMP

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