Beautique Med Spa - October 2019

OCTOBER 2019 the Beauty BOOK

3 Steps to Beauty at Every Age

When I walk into work every day, I devote myself to helping my clients look their best, and I love the mixture of art and science I get to call on. While so many forms of media tell us differently, beauty knows no age. With the right strategy, we can find beauty at every stage of life. Here are some things to focus on during each phase. 20s–30s: Prevent This is the prime time to set yourself up for a lifetime of beauty. Two of the biggest threats to healthy skin are overexposure to the sun and smoking. Use sunscreen and cover-ups like glasses and hats to prevent sun damage. In this phase of your life, customized facials, laser hair removal, and specialized skin treatments can all serve as preventive treatments. Of course, eating well and exercising are important too, but you may not realize yet just how important these practices are. In some cases, Botox can be utilized to discourage deeper wrinkles from forming. 40s–50s: Treat Your body will begin to have different needs at this point in your life. As you begin to become aware of changes, work with your health and beauty team to develop a treatment plan to address any imbalances or deficiencies you notice. We can treat early wrinkles and volume loss with fillers, boosting areas that may show some signs of aging with specific, targeted treatments that add definition and contour to your appearance. As you notice wrinkles settling in, Botox can be especially helpful to treat areas around the eyes and lips. Some of our clients begin to feel fatigued or just not quite the same as they did 10 years earlier. At this point, a hormone evaluation can help determine imbalances. In an evaluation, we can find out how your vitamin D, testosterone, human growth levels, and estrogen are doing. With bioidentical hormones, we can replace deficiencies and help you feel as good as you deserve to.

60s–70s: Maintain Now that you’ve emerged gracefully into this season, the best thing you can do for your skin is to maintain what you have. Your No. 1 priority is to maintain and return moisture with hydrating treatments. No. 2 on your list is to return some of the volume you’ve lost over time. Treatments like thread lifts and Volbella can do wonders to maintain and boost the volume you have. These treatments target specific areas, including lips, the under-eye area, and under the neck. Often, the best approach is a combined treatment, like a thread lift with Thermage. At every age, we can also assess the need for reversing and correcting issues. Because genes play a role in the aging process, each person differs in the way it shows. Even when we do all we can with preventive maintenance in the form of diet, sunscreen, and exercise, sometimes we need extra help. From platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to fillers, these treatments replenish and revitalize our patients, returning youth and vitality to their life.

Whatever season of life you are in, we have all the treatments you need right here.


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