E Rehab - August/September 2019

HOW TO SPOT STRONG-ARM TACTICS Nefarious Means of Separating You From Your Money

After receiving phone calls from practice owners, the E-Rehab team was concerned. Before posting photos on our client sites, we ensure that no piece of intellectual property appears without proper credit or compensation going to the creator. “We researched the photo in question,” says David J. Straight of E-Rehab, “and we had secured permission well in advance of publication. The firm had no grounds to ask for compensation. They were simply trying to get a few quick bucks out of scared practice owners. My biggest fear is that one of our clients paid the money without contacting us first.” Two other common practices are for hucksters to call about your Google My Business account (Google listing) stating they are “Google representatives,” and to mail you a letter about the expiration of your domain name. These snake oil salesmen will tell you your listing is wrong or your domain is expiring soon. They suggest you need to claim, fix, or renew it or risk losing business or your domain name. David Straight advises, “If you ever get a call from someone saying they’re from Google or a letter stating your domain is going to expire, simply give us a call.” Spotting these hucksters and charlatans requires diligence and awareness. If you notice that the language and messaging of a page seems too good or too ridiculous to be true, then it probably is. You know those robocalls that claim your Social Security number has been suspended? Since that literally cannot happen, it’s easy to dismiss the call as nonsense. While most predatory marketing doesn’t stoop to quite this level and most contracts aren’t as rapacious as those for payday loans, it always pays to think critically about offers and threats alike.

Recently, E-Rehab had an experience that serves as a reminder that not everyone tries to make money using beneficial or legal means. Our practices began receiving letters from a law firm, Higbee & Associates, claiming that our clients had posted a photo on their websites that they didn’t have the rights for. The firm asked that our practices pay a certain amount to resolve the matter or face further legal action.

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