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May 2019

The Ballad of Hannah My Daughter’s Journey From Field to Stage to College

F or the start of this quarter, our and rehearsal. Despite her packed schedule, we’re pretty sure she has loved every minute of it. Hannah’s been honing her singing, acting, and musical talents every day on top of going to school and preparing for the lead role in her school’s musical. As if there wasn’t enough on her plate as a senior in high school, Hannah is in the midst of making some big life decisions. This winter, Hannah and I traveled to Chicago so Hannah could audition for a variety of different musical theater colleges across the U.S. Hannah has been involved in music since she picked up the trumpet in fifth grade, but when she wanted to quit softball and focus on theater and music, her father and I were thrown for a loop. She’d always been talented in music, but it had never felt like her main focus. Since she turned her efforts toward musical pursuits, Hannah has had plenty of opportunities. She switched to playing the French horn in the band, taking over as section leader, and is leading the band as a drummajor. Hannah has continued her voice lessons, and in March, she starred as Millie in her school’s production of “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” eldest daughter Hannah has been immersed in musical theater lessons

We are very proud of Hannah and the way she’s taken on this artistic role and transformed it into a passion. This winter, she spent her days at school and her free time taking voice, monologue, and dance lessons, and she is eagerly devoted to making her way through a musical theater program at a college here in the U.S. This is an exciting and scary moment for me. My first baby will be moving out of the house and living halfway across the country in a matter of months. But I know she enjoys this pursuit, and as I’ve been told by friends, I have to let her do this. She will learn and grow on her own. We’ve seen the hard work Hannah has put into these auditions, and while we won’t find out if she has made it into a college until later this spring, we know that her fate could still solely rely on luck. My husband and I never had to experience this level of auditioning for our professions and majors. We also understand that despite her high skill level and practicing, Hannah could be denied entry simply because a judge might not like her. Sometimes you make the cut; other times, you don’t.

That’s the nature of the beast. A hard lesson we all had to learn — and still have to learn as adults — is to grow thick skin and understand we won’t be liked by everyone. Despite cutting her athletic career short, Hannah learned about resilience while playing sports. She knows that sometimes life happens. No matter what happens, we are proud of her. Hannah has chosen to make musical theater her life, and she’s proving her passion for it. We know she will find her way in this crazy competitive field, even if it means falling a few times. No matter what, we’ll always support her. No matter what the outcome, we are excited for the journey ahead and will always support her.

–Nicole Winston

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