Alumni Magazine Edition 6

UJ Alumni in the USA

Len Wolman: Founder, Chairman and CEO of Waterford Group

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Waterford Hotel Group, Len Wolman, counts his blessings for successfully having completed a course in Hotel Management at what is now the University of Johannesburg because he “got a great grounding and education at the hotel school”. Management, says the head of the hotel group, was a vital component that he has learnt and used throughout his career. However, one of the most critical elements he learnt from lecturer Dr Reinet “Dok” Mornet was “how important relationships are and building those relationships”. “To this day, even though he’s retired, I still get a text on my birthday, or a phone call. And that relationship has existed from when I attended the hotel school … that

translated into me reconnecting with the hotel school and that involvement has continued throughout these years.” Wolman, who will lead the UJ Alumni Chapter in the US, says that being successful means having more successes than failures or difficult periods. Having grown up on a farm just outside Delmas, about 100 km outside of Johannesburg, Wolman went on to start a successful career in the US by applying his education to secure a job, and his Green Card, in his chosen field. He says that Alumni connecting and networking with one another is crucial. Wolman returns to South Africa once a year to visit his parents-in-law and, while in the country, calls on the Head of the School of Tourism and Hospitality to understand changes

being implemented, deliver guest lectures, and connect with students. Waterford Group has set up a programme with UJ to offer students internships within the organisation and is involved in events at the School, while Wolman provides mentorship to young learners. “I would not have accomplished what I have in my career, had I not had those opportunities. I think it’s important and incumbent on us to give back, to connect, and to give young students graduating and other alumni the opportunity to achieve their full potential and success by helping them in the way that we were helped along our careers.” Links to the video interview are below.

Prof Tshilidzi Marwala: Vice-Chancellor and Principal USA Alumni Engagement

Video link, Part one: Video link, Part Two:

UJ is widely regarded as a model for other universities in leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution conversations in South Africa, the African continent, and the world.

world rankings and he emphasized the importance of strengthening relationships with Alumni and the University. “Although many of you have not been students for some time, you are part of the UJ community, some of you may have graduated from our legacy institutions, the Randse Afrikaanse Universiteit or Wits Technikon.” He says the trajectory of the University is that we are going to play a meaningful role in the new normal that is upon us, as

The Vice-Chancellor and Principal USA Alumni Engagement was held virtually on 17 September 2020. “We never planned to have this engagement as such, we were planning to come to New York to talk to you so that we can see how we can work together, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic we will have to do it with technology,” said Prof Marwala. In his address, he spoke about the way in which the University had climbed to higher positions in the

To view his full address, visit watch?v=DjYD4BMpTHU




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