Discussing How To Avoid Common Active Injuries

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“ What Steps Do I Need To Take To Remain Active Safely?” 4 Easy Methods To Prevent Possible Injury

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1. STRETCH Stretching is one of the most important ways to prevent injuries. Your muscles and other tissues require oxygen, nutrients, and blood flow to be elastic. Stretching helps bring these things into the tissues making them more elastic and allowing them to stretch more. This prevents over-stretching and tearing. 2. HYDRATE AND NUTRITION Your body is more than 70 percent water and therefore requires water to be supple and function at its best. Without adequate water and nutrition, your body’s tissues are more prone to injury. Hydrate and make sure you replenish the electrolytes you lost during activity with a sports drink like Gatorade. 3. STAY WITHIN YOUR ABILITIES

We have all heard of the term “weekend warrior” which means a person that has not prepared their body at all to go out and do extensive sports or activities on the weekend. Typically, this person is more prone to injury, just because they are not prepared. If you have a hard time running, then you wouldn’t go out and do a marathon. Make sure that you train properly and safely for the sport or activity you would like to try. 4. WEAR PROPER EQUIPMENT Make sure you have the right equipment to prevent injuries when doing activities. Good running shoes, proper hiking boots, helmets and much more can make the difference when it comes to preventing injury.


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One of our wonderful physical therapists, Amanda and her husband recently enjoyed a very warm weekend in Mexico! They had a ton of fun lying on the beach, catching up on some books, and eating their way through the resort! They didn’t venture outside of their resort too much, but had a great time relaxing before winter in Michigan started! AMANDA’S WARM GETAWAY!

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