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“F asten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy night”was a Betty Davis quote from her 1950 hit, All About Eve. However, it just as easily could have described this past year. But I want to remember 2018 for the many blessings I received during this tumultuous year. It’s easy to get caught up in the craziness of the Christmas season: decorations to hang, gifts to buy, relatives and friends to visit, and parties to attend! Yes, this chaotic time can cause us to lose sight of what is truly important this time of year: gratitude. My team and I certainly are grateful to God for the overflowing love, prayers, and gifts we have received in 2018. At the office, our team has been blessed with some wonderful arrivals. We have several new employees. Melissa and Meledy are hygienists who have joined our team. Ashley, our most recent employee, is a dental assistant who is also a wonderful addition. And two of our hygienists, Melissa and Karissa, and our front desk assistant, Sam, all welcomed beautiful babies this year. Our third hygienist, Meledy, also found out she is pregnant and will welcome her first baby in May. In addition, we are finally going to move to our new office location a mile away on the corner of Lake Street and Rosedale. We purchased the land in 2010 and began building a mixed residential two-story building in 2015. Unfortunately, the builder and bank couldn’t get along, and after the bank quit funding the project and threatened to foreclose, we spent last year acquiring new financing, got a new contractor, caught up with new city zoning requirements, and corrected many things that the original contractor screwed up. Yes, it was a bumpy ride! But in the end, we will more than double our office size, double our treatment rooms, and gain more needed work space so we can improve the care we give to our wonderful patients. What a blessing! Personally, I have also been blessed. My oldest son, Harrison, is doing well running track for Texas A&M University. Brendan, my senior at Aledo High School, is playing basketball, having a blast as the school’s mascot, and completing college applications.

My daughter, Tristan, made the Ace National 16 Volleyball Team! My wife, Julie, somehow spends time at

the office and gets the kids where they need to be. She and my family are such a blessing for me!

But I personally experienced a big bump along 2018’s road. In April, I was

diagnosed with leukemia and went through several rounds of chemotherapy and, on Aug. 18, received a bone marrow transplant. So today, you can call me “baldy” or even “fuzzy.” But I call myself blessed for having great doctors at UT Southwestern, an incredible wife and family, a wonderful Birchman Baptist Church family, and a God that has given me life. And I can’t help but feel so thankful to all of our loyal, supportive patients who have blessed me throughout the years, especially in 2018. Whether you are a recent patient or have been faithfully with us for many years, we are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you and forge great friendships with you, your family, and referred friends. You have certainly made 2018 a year of blessings. Let’s make 2019 even better!

—Dr. Tillman, DDS


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Know What to Look For Before They Attack

Multicultural Celebrations


Achoo! That’s the last noise you want to hear this winter. Cold weather brings a slew of sicknesses, so be vigilant to treat these common illnesses, or better yet, avoid them altogether. The Common Cold Although there is no cure, a cold is easier to treat than other illnesses. If you or a loved one has a runny nose, low-grade fever, headache, cough, nasal congestion, or sore throat, the common cold has most likely taken hold. With the help of rest and perhaps some cold medicine, like cough drops and decongestants, the cold will come and go in about a week. Bronchiolitis Bronchiolitis appears most commonly in children less than a year old and is caused by other viruses. Of the many symptoms — nasal congestion, low-grade fevers, and coughing —wheezing is the one you should be most concerned about. If your child is having difficulty breathing and is dehydrated, they may have caught a more serious strain of the virus. Most children will recover with at- home rest, but some may need to be hospitalized for more severe symptoms. Influenza The flu is known for causing high fever, muscle aches and pains, nausea, and other symptoms similar to a cold. Often, the fever will last for around five days, but it can be shortened with the aid of antiviral medications. However,

According to the Pew Research Center, Christmas is the most celebrated December holiday in the U.S. Yet, like the melting pot it is, the U.S. contains many cultures from across the globe, each with their own traditions. Teach your kids about some of the holiday celebrations from different cultures this season.


Created in 1966 by black studies professor Maulana Karenga during the Black Nationalist Movement, Kwanzaa is a seven-day celebration and reflection period for African Americans. The week offers African Americans the opportunity to connect with African culture and history by celebrating the seven principles of African heritage, which include unity, self-determination, and creativity.


Hanukkah pays homage to a two-year Jewish rebellion against an oppressive Greek-Syrian government that took them captive in an attempt to eliminate Judaism. The tradition of the eight-day celebration and the lighting of the menorah candles comes from the story of a miracle that happened during the rebellion, when a one-day supply of oil burned for eight days in a temple.

these medications are recommended only for children who face serious complications or hospitalization from the flu. If you want to avoid catching this, your best bet is to receive the annual flu vaccine.


Strep Throat A sore throat, headache, stomach ache,

Though celebrated in late fall, Diwali is a Hindu holiday that’s known as the festival of lights. Its main purpose is to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and the five-day festival includes the lighting of candles or lamps, feasting, and giving gifts to family and friends. Diwali also celebrates the Hindu new year and is the largest, most widely celebrated festival in India. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but educating your children about holiday practices other than Christmas will give them a broader worldview and inspire them to gain further knowledge about cultures outside their own. Your local library is a great resource for children’s literature on these holidays, and there are also TV programs from PBS that feature episodes on these traditions. Enjoy the winter holiday season, however you decide to celebrate!

vomiting, and high fever are signs of strep. This infection is treated with antibiotics and should be addressed soon after the first symptoms appear to prevent further complications. Children with strep throat should stay away from school and other activities until they’ve been on antibiotics for 24 hours.

Everyone knows that getting sick is no fun and is best avoided at all costs. However, it happens to everyone eventually. Catching a virus or infection in its early stages can help you shake the sickness much faster.

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SURVIVING THE SEASON OF SWEETS How to Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With Less Sugar

Cookies, cakes, and pies, oh my! The holiday season is brimming with sweet treats of all kinds. Sometimes it can feel like candy and sugary desserts are around every corner, and yet you still want to indulge. However, when you consider that over 50 percent of Americans are insulin-resistant, prediabetic, or diabetic, that piece of pumpkin pie with whipped cream starts to look more dangerous than appetizing. During the holidays, how can you satisfy your sweet tooth without worrying about consuming excessive sugar and calories? Skip the candy and go for the fruits and nuts. Keeping a bowl of fruit and nuts nearby can help keep sugar cravings at bay. Dried fruits, such as cranberries, pineapple, or apricots, are both sweet and nutritious. Just be sure to check the packaging for added sugars. You can even make your own dried fruit with a food dehydrator. This way, you are completely in control of the ingredients. No matter what you do, just be mindful not to overindulge. Dried fruit is high in sugar and calories, but the fiber and vitamins make fruit much healthier than just about any other sugary treat. Another way to cut down on your sugar intake is to use dark chocolate in all your chocolate-based treats. Dark chocolate has about half as much sugar as milk chocolate, twice as much healthy fat, less cholesterol, 4–5 times more iron, twice as much potassium, fewer carbs, and more flavonoids and theobromine. The antioxidant properties of the theobromine and flavonoids make dark chocolate as good for your

heart as it is for your soul. If you have a recipe that calls for chocolate, reach for the dark stuff, whether it’s dark chocolate chips, cocoa powder, or baking chocolate.

While it may seem as though everyone and their grandma is

overindulging in sugar this season, know that you have the choice to opt for healthier sweets. And come NewYear’s, you won’t have to spend the first few months of 2019 working off that extra cookie weight.



Inspired by Bon Appétit magazine


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2 pounds fresh chestnuts, unpeeled

2 teaspoons kosher salt, or more to taste Pinch of freshly ground nutmeg Freshly ground black pepper, to taste Pat dry and transfer to a medium bowl. Add rosemary, butter, salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Toss to coat and transfer to baking sheet. Arrange in a single layer. Gather the edges of the foil together, leaving an opening at the top. Roast until peels curl up, about 30–45 minutes. Transfer to a platter and serve while hot or warm.

2–3 sprigs rosemary

1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted

• •



Heat oven to 450 F.



Place a large sheet of foil on a rimmed baking sheet. On a large, flat workspace, place chestnuts flat side down. Using a sharp knife, carve an X on the rounded side of each chestnut.



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In a large bowl of hot water, soak chestnuts for 1 minute.



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2018: A Year of Blessings


Teach Your Kids About Holidays

What Do My Symptoms Mean?


Indulge Your Sweet Tooth With Less Sugar This Holiday Season Buttery Roasted Chestnuts


Holiday Decoration Tours

Christmas Tours

Get Away and Be Festive This Holiday Season There’s nothing quite like the magical lights of the holiday season, and some destinations in the U.S. have perfected the craft of holiday decoration. If you’re looking to get away this December and still engage in seasonal festivities, add one of these places to your must-visit list. around the holidays, they are lit up with white string lights and flanked by snow. The Christmas decorations and lights surrounding the archway make for a Western-themed holiday pulled right out of a John Wayne classic. For holiday admirers looking for a unique spin, Jackson has you covered. Yearly Yuletide in Santa Claus, Indiana This one’s for the Christmas lover. If you can’t make it out to Santa Claus, Indiana, this holiday season, you can still celebrate Christmas in this tiny Midwestern town in January, June, or even October. Embracing its unique name, the town boasts a museum, holiday shopping center, and a Christmas theme park. In a moving tribute, the town’s residents also write responses to children’s letters to Kris Kringle himself. It’s impossible to avoid holiday cheer in this town.

NewYork City’s Rockefeller Center New York City is an iconic location for Christmastime. The scene is like a Hallmark card: Ice-skating lovers whiz past miles of twinkling lights underneath an exceptionally tall and amply-decorated tree. The

DisneyWorld’s Christmas Magic What better place to celebrate the most magical time of the year than in the most magical place on Earth? Walt Disney World’s halls are decked to the max with a parade, gingerbread homes, strings of lights, and festive parties. Plus, costs to visit Disney World can be cheaper during the Christmas season, so keep an eye out for a vacation steal.

tree is specially selected by Rockefeller Center’s landscaping crews, who scout out trees years in advance. It remains lit from November to early January, so you have plenty of time to check it out. Ranch Christmas in Jackson, Wyoming Jackson, Wyoming, takes its frontier culture to the next level during the Christmas season. All year, the city proudly displays four elk antler arches, but

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