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King of the Shiba Kingdom

Hear ye, hear ye!

The King of the Shiba Kingdom has arrived to the Binance Smart Chain to provide his subjects protection for their investments and rewards for their fealty. King Shiba banishes all reward tokens from his lands, instead providing the kingdom reflection and daily burns to give it the best chance to moon. Sell all peasant shiba and floki tokens you hold and pay tribute to the King of Shibas!

King Shiba Facts There are 1,000,000,000 $KINGSHIBA in the Kingdom We will launch a day after a 200 BNB Presale on Pinksale King Shiba features low 12% Transaction Taxes

• KINGSHIBA is a decentralized cryptocurrency token operating on the Binance Smart Chain that can be traded through Pancakeswap. • Token Address: 0x84F4f7cdb4574C9556A494DaB18ffc1D1D22316C • Slippage in Pancakeswap should be set to 13% for all buys and sells.

Our Royal Pedigree

The King Shiba Team has proven experience delivering safe crypto projects with the marketing connections that can rocket us to the moon. Trust is earnt through honesty and consistent performance, and we look forward to earning the community’s trust in this project.



Laws of the Land

2% Reflection

King Shiba takes you back to a simpler time when tokens worked for you and not the developers. Sick of putting 1 BNB into a reward token and getting 0.01 BNB back in rewards while the price crashes before your eyes? King Shiba has decreed that his subjects receive reflections for their continuing fealty, so relax andwatch yourwallet holdings increase.

3% Liquidity

Think of the Liquidity Pool as King Shiba’s castle. Properly maintaining and upgrading the castle provides investors more protection from dumps and the stability that they need to feel safe holding their tokens for a long time.

5% Marketing

King Shiba understands that a Kingdom is only as strong as its reputation. We will be hiring an army of diplomats to spread awareness and excitement about the Shiba Kingdom to the ends of the Earth. King Shiba will be the token your grandmother asks you about at the next family gathering, so don’t disappoint her.

50% Burn

The Great King Shiba himself has informed the teamthat his royal tokens are to be precious! Burns are a great way to keep upward pressure on the price and market capitalization of King Shiba. On launch we will be burning 50% of token supply!



Rewards for your Fealty

Good Shibas get Bones Holding KINGSHIBA tokens is like burying a big juicy bone into a hole to save for later. Every good shiba knows it takes months of exposure to worms, maggots, and other crea- tures for bones to reach peak flavor. In the sameway, King Shibawill reward all loyal holders of KINGSHIBA Tokens once our use case is rolled out to the community. Not only does a use case encourage holding, it demonstrates to potential lord and lady investors that we are the rightful ruler of the Shiba Kingdom and deserve their attention.

SHIBA Staking

At a time that will soon be announced by King Shiba’s heralds, the website of the Shiba Kingdom will receive a new feature for all holders. We are planning to allow investors to stake KINGSHIBA tokens and BNB into the liquidity pool through our website and receive back SHIBA tokens as your reward. Once the SHIBA starts flowing, it will be like going for a nice long walk with your owner every day of the week. Long live King Shiba!

Your Feudal Rights




We knowthat success is dependent on a community that has sufficient trust in us to hold their tokens for long periods of time. Our large and hard-working teamwill ensure that the community is kept updated on all future plans.

Youwould not believe the frequency with which token devs accidentally send BNB from the marketing wallet to scam marketers. Our experience and skills in this space will ensure the project is delivered with consistent competence.

The sad fact is that most token developers swing trade their own token by using inside information to sell high and buy low before abandoning the project. You can expect us to hold ourselves to a much higher standard.



The King’s Path

Marketing Strategy Tokens live or die on the qualityof their marketing. Our teamhas the expertise and connections to navigate the crypto marketing minefield. Our strategy is to push all effective marketing avenues, including the big listing sites, advertisements, and real crypto influencers. This roadmap sets out our aspirational plan for the King Shiba token following launch. Many elements are required for a token to succeed soon after launch, and our team has the wide breadth of expertise and experience that is required to deliver this ambitious plan.


Day 1

Successful Presale LP Locked for Months Active Voice Chat with Doxxed Dev CG / CMC Applied


Days 2 - 4

Huge Marketing Push Dessert Finance Audit Huge Community Growth Recognition from the SHIBA Community

Days 5 - ? HODL

Version 2 of Website/Woofpaper Staking Plans Unveiled Large Influencer Push Community Events



Staking Use Case Implemented NFTs Mainstream Media Attention Party on Shiba Moon



The Court of King Shiba

Crypto King Dev & Marketing Guru

Regular Old Plumbus Website Guy

Even the King of Crypto pays tribute to the King of Shibas. King is known for being active and doxxed in VC on all his projects.

Every token has a Plumbus on their team. First, you take the dinglepop, and you smooth it out with a bunch of schleem....

Diamond Management

Milpool Boi Writer Boi

Diamond is the safe pair of hands that holds the marketing wallet and guides the rest of the team.

Milpool write english very good for cryptos token. Join him or die, can you do any less?

Juli Marketing & Stakeholder Relations

Juli was invited to the court of King Shiba after launch due to his passion for the token and unique talent for fostering relationships between King Shiba and the wider world.

Thank you!

king shiba

Copyright © 2021 King Shiba. King Shiba Token is not an investment and created as a meme parody like Shiba Inu or Dogecoin. King Shiba makes no promises and is not responsible for any losses or errors. Please use at your own risk. King Shiba is not affiliated with Shiba Inu Token.

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