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Learn the aromatic effects of PURE Essential Oils. Oils in this category help elevate the mood and stimulate concentration as well as feelings of confidence and clarity. STIMULATING AND INVIGORATING

Basil Reviving, sustaining, and restorative AROMATIC NOTES Warm, spicy, herbal

Bergamot Refreshing and nurturing

Clove Dynamic, fiery, and energising

Frankincense Rejuvenating and harmonising

Grapefruit Revitalising and cheering

Lemon Myrtle Uplifting, purifying, and energising AROMATIC NOTES Citrus, fresh, clean, pungent

AROMATIC NOTES Fresh, spicy, floral, citrus

AROMATIC NOTES Warm, spicy, woody

AROMATIC NOTES Woody, spicy, balsamic

AROMATIC NOTES Fresh, tangy, citrus

Lime Invigorating and stimulating

Nutmeg Warming, motivating, and energising AROMATIC NOTES Warm, spicy, sweet

Peppermint Revitalising and refreshing

Spearmint Refreshing, invigorating, and soothing AROMATIC NOTES Sweet, cool, minty

Tangerine Joyful, bright, and energising

Thyme Cleansing and stimulating

AROMATIC NOTES Bright, citrus, green

AROMATIC NOTES Minty, fresh, bright

AROMATIC NOTES Sweet, citrus, fresh

AROMATIC NOTES Warm, herbaceous, sharp, dry

PURIFYING AND REFRESHING Each of these oils fosters a sense of clarity and peace while promoting rejuvenation and cleansing.

Citronella Fresh, sharp, and powerfully cleansing

Cypress Revitalising, grounding, and fortifying AROMATIC NOTES Woody, herbaceous, spicy Lemon Myrtle Uplifting, purifying, and energising AROMATIC NOTES Citrus, fresh, clean, pungent

Eucalyptus Stimulating and clarifying

Juniper Berry Clarifying, grounding, and stimulating AROMATIC NOTES Clean, woody, spicy

Lemon Fresh, cleansing, and bright

AROMATIC NOTES Clean, powerful, lemony

AROMATIC NOTES Woody and camphor-like

AROMATIC NOTES Sugary, citrus, slightly sour

Lemongrass Zesty, fresh, and invigorating

Myrrh Soothing and releasing

Orange Invigorating and energising

Oregano Uplifting, purifying, and invigorating AROMATIC NOTES

AROMATIC NOTES Green, citrus, hint of mint

AROMATIC NOTES Earthy, leathery, hint of spice

AROMATIC NOTES Sweet, sugary, citrus

Warm, spicy, camphor-like


These oils promote emotional balance and help release tension to create a more positive environment.

Black Pepper Stimulating, empowering, and grounding AROMATIC NOTES Warm, spicy, sweet

Cardamom Warming, soothing, and astringent AROMATIC NOTES

Carrot Seed Grounding, balancing, and calming AROMATIC NOTES Earthy, herbaceous, sweet Nutmeg Warming, motivating, and energising AROMATIC NOTES Warm, spicy, sweet

Copaiba Restorative, relaxing, and grounding

Fennel Intriguing, purifying, and stabilising AROMATIC NOTES

AROMATIC NOTES Delicate, woody, sweet, smooth

Spicy, warm, sweet

Sweet, herbal, spice

Jasmine Absolute Rich, powerful, and sensual AROMATIC NOTES

Lavender Soothing and reassuring

Patchouli Opening, grounding, and mysterious

Rose Absolute Refreshing and nurturing AROMATIC NOTES

AROMATIC NOTES Sweet, floral, herbaceous

AROMATIC NOTES Earthy, smoky, spicy, musky

Warm, rich, deeply floral

Fresh, spicy, floral, citrus

T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil Calming and soothing AROMATIC NOTES

Ylang-Ylang Sensual and soothing

AROMATIC NOTES Rich, sweet, floral

Sharp, herbaceous, earthy


Signature blends give you the ideal balance of properties and fragrances for mood-boosting and aromatherapy benefits.

Armor— Protective Blend Fortifying and refreshing AROMATIC NOTES Warm, spicy, woody, camphor-like

Blue Heat— Soothing Blend Warming, invigorating, revitalising AROMATIC NOTES

Brighten— Joy Blend Cheerful and exhilarating

Lighten— Stress Blend Calming and strengthening

AROMATIC NOTES Sweet, floral, citrus

AROMATIC NOTES Vibrant, refreshing, sweet citrus

Minty, sharp, camphor-like

Peace— Tranquility Blend Calming and relaxing AROMATIC NOTES

Vapor— Respiratory Blend Opening and cleansing AROMATIC NOTES

Vitalize— Invigorating Blend Uplifting and energising AROMATIC NOTES Citrus, clean, sweet

Fresh, warm, sweet, earthy

Minty, clean, camphor-like

Due to specific limited time offers not all oils are available at the same time.

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