Petersen Pet Hospital - May 2020

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May 2020


As wonderful at the wedding was, we’re glad to have it behind us. Planning a wedding was a lot of work, mostly for Stacey. Besides, the wedding isn’t the most important part of this experience. It was a lovely ceremony and a fun party with our friends and family, but what matters most is what comes next. Now, we’re married. “I’ll never forget the moment when Stacey came around the bushes in her wedding gown.”

Spring is wedding season, and I know a ton of couples are about to say “I do” in the next few months, which is why Stacey and I decided to get married well before the wedding rush, back in February. In case you missed it, Stacey and I got married on Friday, Feb. 28, 2020. Since we were planning a winter wedding, we decided to hold the ceremony down in Florida at a resort we’d visited a number of times together. We wanted to get married somewhere warm, and we knew that resort would give our friends and family plenty of fun things to do besides attend our wedding. The weather on our big day ended up being chillier than we’d expected, but everything else was as close to perfect as humanly possible. Our family and friends joined us to celebrate, eat, drink, and dance. The ceremony took place in a little courtyard beneath a big tree that was lit with lanterns. I’ll never forget the moment when Stacey came around the bushes in her wedding gown. She made a rule that I couldn’t see her for 24 hours before the ceremony, so that was the first time I’d seen her that day. She looked very beautiful. I did shed a tear when I saw her. It was such an important moment. We were really going to get married. This wonderful woman was really going to be my wife. Everything went by so fast after that. The next thing I knew, we were all at the reception dancing together. Our first dance as husband and wife was to Frank Sinatra’s “TheWay You Look Tonight.”Afterward, everyone got up to dance. We hired a two-person band to play Elvis, Bruno Mars, Bob Marley, Dave Matthews, and all the wedding hits. It was a great time. The food was good, too, which you can’t say about every wedding.

To be honest, I don’t feel too different now that I’m married. It took a little time for Stacey and I to get used to referring to each other as husband and wife, but since we were together for 11 years before finally saying “I do,” getting married didn’t change the nature of our relationship too much. It just solidified the love we have for each other, and now we’ve made a concrete promise that we want to grow old together and experience the rest of our lives together as partners.

Thank you to everyone who sent their well-wishes. It meant so much to get such love and support from our clients back home. To anyone planning a wedding this spring or in the near future, I wish you luck. And to my wife, Stacey, I want to say thank you for going on this journey with me. I’m so excited to spend every day with you.


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