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Technology is more fundamental to business than ever before, and it only stands to become more integral. Companies rely on IT solutions for everything, including payroll and customer service. Think about how many different programs you use in the course of a day’s work. Each of these tools serves a function and allows you to work more efficiently. Despite the centrality of technology in the modern workplace, too many business owners opt for cut-rate IT solutions. While saving a little on your tech budget may seem prudent in theory, it can be disastrous in practice. Bad software will crush your productivity, frustrate employees, and decrease customer satisfaction. And that’s not even the worst outcome. Poor security can lead to a data breach, which can shut you down for good. Most small businesses don’t recover from a cyberattack. I bet if you asked those folks what they’d change about their company, they’d all tell you they wish they had invested more in tech. Instead, they fell prey to the disease of cheap IT. It’s a comprehensive condition with a number of symptoms, including these four major ones. A LACK OF BACKUPS A network without properly backed-up files is like an ambulance without a defibrillator. If your system goes down and you don’t have backups, there may be no way to resuscitate your files. You’ve spent years amassing your data, and restoring it is as costly and time- consuming of an enterprise. You can create backups using a server, external hard drive, cloud storage, or all of the above. No matter what method you choose, though, you need to back up your files. Computers will crash, parts will burn out, and files will malfunction. These are facts of life, but whether they’ll be minor headaches or catastrophic emergencies depends on your willingness to regularly backup your files. OUT-OF-DATE SECURITY While security patches may not be the headline items when a new version of software debuts, they are perhaps the most important part THE DISEASE OF CHEAP IT 4 Symptoms of Bad Tech Investment

of any update. Hackers and software architects are in a constant game of cat and mouse, and each security patch contains defenses against the latest tactics favored by cybercriminals. Running out-of-date versions of software is the equivalent of putting a “kick me” sign on your network’s back. It lets hackers know you don’t keep up with IT security, which makes you easy prey. A CLUELESS TEAM Investing in technology isn’t just about having the hardware and software to get the job done; it’s about training your people in smart internet practices. The strongest infrastructure in the world can be crippled by an unsuspecting employee clicking on a nefarious link. Everyone on your team should understand the value of creating strong passwords, logging out after they are done on a machine, and avoiding scams. You can’t go through the motions when it comes to educating staff on these topics. You wouldn’t let somebody arrive on day one and start using expensive medical equipment. Your network shouldn’t be any different. WEAK DATA SECURITY The worst decision companies make when it comes to their IT services is choosing cheap break-fix services over a dedicated managed services provider (MSP). An MSP monitors your system 24/7, protecting you against threats before they occur. The break-fix folks, on the other hand, only show up when something’s awry — and they often arrive late and unprepared. Working with a quality MSP is an investment in the continued growth and security of your business. Who wouldn’t want to make that kind of investment? –Byron Adams

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