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September 2019


THE ART OF BECOMING A TRIAL ATTORNEY And the Benefits of Constant Education

other similar group, they are not improving their skills. These attorneys who rest on their laurels will have an extremely difficult time accomplishing good for their clients and they may even go so far as to do their clients a disservice. Just like in any other profession, if you’re not constantly seeking out education, you’ll soon fall behind. In California, trial attorneys are obligated to take 24 hours of schooling every three years. The team at my firm surpasses this requirement by attending CAALA every year. Thus, after three years, my team and I have each acquired a total of 72 hours of learning. While everyone here at Russell & Lazarus would love to be at home barbecuing with the family, marking the official end of summer, our labor is all about trying to become better attorneys. That way, we can "Becoming a trial attorney is a time-consuming process that takes years of being submerged in the field to perfect."

pursuing a career in law. Someone who tries cases for a living needs to know the ins and outs of the court process, be able to reason with the judge in regard to rulings, know how to give closing arguments, and most importantly, be able to pick the right jury. Many people think that the final arguments are the most essential parts of a trial, but that’s not true. The most vital aspect of every case takes place even before opening statements: the selection of the jury. When a trial attorney picks the jury that will oversee their case, it’s the best time for them to educate the members of the jury in regards to both the good and bad areas of the case. This is key. Trial attorneys need to inform the jury of any information that may come up in the case to reduce the shock factor. This is so important because there are very few instances where the clouds open up to reveal the straight facts surrounding the injury of the client. One witness will testify that your client was speeding while another believes your client was within the confines of the law. It’s amazing how many versions of an accident there are with different witnesses. Trial attorneys who have spent years in the practice will know how to approach these cases skillfully for the benefit of their clients. When a trial attorney isn’t part of CAALA, the American Association for Justice, the Consumer Attorneys of California, or any

On Labor Day weekend, my team and I go to Las Vegas for one of the largest trial attorney conventions west of the Mississippi. The Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA) offers a fantastic gathering that attorneys can attend to exchange information, participate in workshops and seminars, and better their craft as trial attorneys. being submerged in the field to perfect. Only after trying case after case will an attorney become proficient and change the science of being a trial attorney into an art. Those who are the best in their craft have been trying cases for at least 15–30 years. They spend that time perfecting their skills and learning how to talk to a jury in a way that convinces them to believe in what they're presenting. Building those persuasive skills takes time to polish, especially with the public having very jaded views on personal injury claims, claimants, and trial attorneys. Becoming a trial attorney is a time- consuming process that takes years of

represent our clients back in the real world when Labor Day weekend is over.

Experience, skill, and a wealth of knowledge are what lawyers need to seek out when

– Chris Russell

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