Key Trends in European Healthcare Digital…


IDC PERSPECTIVE The Quest for Value: Key Trends in European Healthcare Digital Transformation

Adriana Allocato Jonas Knudsen

Silvia Piai


FIGURE 1 The Quest for Value: Key trends in European Healthcare Digital Transformation This IDC Perspective analyzes the key trends that will drive technology investments in the European healthcare and life sciences industries in the coming year. lt voil guide digital leaders in these industries to identify, evaluate,and choose the beststrategies to improve their market value and stay on top of major industry trends_ Key Takeaways - European healthcare systems are seeking to get more outoftheir budgets_ balancing the promise of increasing access to mostcutting-edge treatments for patients with ever-Increasing expectations of quality care. • European healthcare providers are working tofundamentally redesign care provision and reimbursement models by adopting a value-based healthcare(VBHC)paradigm. • Innovations that are driving the transition toward VBHC are patient experience and engagement, connected ecosystem,advanced analytics, as well as security, privacy,and trust. Recommended Actions Healthcare and life science organizations should use real-world evidence,electronic health reoord (EFIR) national registries,and patient-generated data to develop bettor analytical and predictive capabilities. • Theyshould invest more in clinical information systems that enable care coordination and patient engagement. • They should adopt an integrating strategy for digital innovation to support the development of the healthcare ecosystem.

Source: IDC, 2017

January 2018, IDC #EMEA43496817

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