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March/April 2020

What It Means to Be Part of a Team That’s Big Enough to Fight And Small Enough to Care

In this edition, we’re handing the reins to one of the other incredible attorneys on our team, Justin Jones. After completing his law degree at the University of South Carolina, Justin worked in the public defender’s office before joining our firm. Here’s Justin to share more in his own words. As simple as it sounds, I chose to go into law because I liked the idea of a job where you get to interact with the public and help people. My dad was a pastor, and while I knew that wasn’t my calling, I was inspired by the way he got up to speak in front of his congregation every week. I’ve always been fascinated by jury trials and arguing a case in front of a jury, and when I thought about speaking in front of a courtroom, I felt motivated. The idea that I could do this to help people and advocate for them through some of the toughest times of their lives made a career in law perfect for me. Working in the public defender’s office was an ideal way to get my start. It afforded a young attorney many opportunities to get into the courtroom and try cases. I got a lot of practical experience speaking to judges, and I really appreciated the chance to interact with people on a daily basis.

Craig and my team here at F. Craig Wilkerson brought everything together for me.

I know it’s our slogan, but “Big enough to fight, small enough to care” truly embodies this firm. We are big enough that we can go to bat for a case and set it up for trial without getting bullied around by an insurance company. Yet we’re small enough that we get to truly connect with each of our clients. I appreciate that about our firm. That personal connection is important because we’re here to help our clients navigate what can often be a confusing and complex system, one that can feel like it’s working against them. I remember one case resulting from a multicar pileup that involved minors. It was a mess. Insurance companies can’t speak to minors, so they had to go through the teens’ parents. The fight about who should pay what and who was responsible for the damages dragged on, and by the time I got the case, my client was frustrated with the lack of progress that had been made. Putting myself in his shoes, I can understand why. He’d been getting the runaround from everyone, and the process just to get closure on the whole event was proving to be extremely difficult. When you’re not dealing with this kind of thing every day, it can get to you. Fortunately,

in about eight months, we were able to bring everything together and find a positive outcome that our client and his kids were happy with. Outside of work, I like to unwind by watching sports (Go Gamecocks!) and getting outside as much as I can. I like to go kayaking with friends, usually starting near Fort Mill at the dam on Catawba River. It’s close by and convenient. Recently, I went hiking with Craig on the Appalachian Trail. It was a workout! Some of the trails are marked and some aren’t, so it’s good to go with someone who has a good sense of navigation. Every couple weeks, I also get together with some other local attorneys to play basketball. I find it’s a healthy outlet for stress. At the end of the day, I’m motivated by getting positive results for my clients so they can get back to their lives. I’m glad to be part of a team that shares this passion and to give our clients the excellent representation they deserve.

My time there also helped me realize that my heart lies in personal injury law, and meeting

–Justin Jones

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Easter Celebrations

Enjoying Springtime in Rock Hill On Sunday, April 12, we celebrate Easter, and we get to enjoy some of our favorite spring traditions: dyeing eggs, eating a big family lunch, hiding eggs for the little ones, and celebrating life and rebirth. There are several events happening around Rock Hill that honor this day and give you and the family a chance to spend quality time together outside while soaking up the beautiful spring weather.

Organized by the Rock Hill Striders, a running club based in and around Rock Hill and Fort Mill, this is a great way to jump into the spring season! Proceeds from the run benefit the Ocular Melanoma Foundation to fund patient and caregiver support. You can find out more and register at Even when Easter is over, there are still many reasons to get out and enjoy the spring weather. On April 17, Anne Springs Close Greenway is the location for Kids’ Night Out: Easter Egg Challenge. This spring celebration brings out your kids’ adventurous natures with a hunt for camouflage eggs, disc golf, egg dyeing, and a campfire. Pizza and a campfire snack will be provided, and there will be fun for all. Visit to learn more. However you choose to celebrate, enjoy your Easter and have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

One of these is the 38th Annual Great Easter Egg Classic, which takes place on Thursday, April 9 and features 50,000 eggs spread over 10 softball fields. Yes, there’s a reason this event is a classic — it’s a good time, and there are plenty of eggs for everyone who wants to join in the search. The Egg Classic is a free, family-friendly event that kicks off at 1 p.m. at Cherry Park in Rock Hill.

On Saturday, April 11, the BunnyHop 5K and Walk takes place at Winthrop Coliseum.

The Age of Stress Helping Your Child Overcome Anxiety

It’s hard to imagine kids as anything but carefree, happy, and eager to explore the world around them. However, children experience stress just like adults do, which can severely impact their typically cheerful dispositions. Since April is National Stress Awareness Month, now is an opportune time to familiarize yourself with tools and information that can help you alleviate your child’s stress.

Howdo I know if my child is stressed? When a kid is stressed, they will exhibit odd behavior and even undergo physical changes. Depending on your child’s age, watch for mood swings, changes in sleep patterns, headaches, trouble focusing, or withdrawal from the people around them. According to, younger children may also pick up habits like twirling their hair or sucking their thumb, while older kids may start to bully others, lie, or rebel. Can I help reduce their stress? According to, good nutrition, proper rest, and healthy attention are great ways to help kids manage their stress. Set time aside each day to talk and spend time with your children; talking about worries will reduce or relieve anxieties. If you know about an upcoming stressful situation, like a school exam or a health checkup, prepare your child by studying with them or talking to them about what to expect.

What are their stressors? Any number of everyday factors can lead to stress, and stress can plague anyone who feels overwhelmed. Toddlers and young children going to day care or school for the first time may experience separation anxiety due to being apart from their parents. Older kids and teenagers may feel mounting social and academic pressure. Even something as simple as overhearing loved ones arguing or seeing a sad news report can add to a child’s stress levels.

Don’t stop here. For more tools and information regarding stress reduction in children, visit or contact your doctor.

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Stop DUI Collisions in Their Tracks Tips for Staying Safe, and What to Do When Other Drivers Aren’t

highest in the nation for drunk driving fatalities. This isn’t a statistic we want to be known for, so let’s do what we can to put a stop to it. Take Alternative Modes of Transportation If you plan to drink, plan how to get home safely. Do the same for the people you care about. Tell friends and loved ones not to get behind the wheel if they’ve been drinking, and suggest an alternative mode of transportation. If someone going to the party plans not to drink, they might opt in as the designated driver. Or you can ask if a friend or family member who isn’t going to the party would be willing to pick you up at the end of the night. Offer to return the favor next time. If you’re at a gathering and notice that someone appears heavily intoxicated, call a Lyft, Uber, or other ride-share option for them. All it takes is downloading the app, and your ride is a click

away. also offers free resources on alternative modes of transportation.

Seek Legal Help Despite all these precautions, if you find yourself the victim of an accident caused by a drunk driver, it’s important to seek legal help as soon as possible. Drunk drivers need to be held accountable for their actions to set a precedent that this illegal action will not be tolerated. At the Law Offices of F. Craig Wilkerson Jr., our drunk driving accident lawyers know that building a solid case against the drunk driver is the key to obtaining maximum compensation. While the police are focused on arresting the drunk driver and suspending their license, our law firm is focused on the victim and protecting their rights. Call the Law Offices of F. Craig Wilkerson Jr., today at (803) 324-7200 to get the representation you deserve.

Holidays like Easter bring family time, great food, and gatherings with loved ones. Unfortunately, the festivities can also mean more folks will choose to drink and get behind the wheel.

Sadly, despite how dangerous we all know drunk driving to be, South Carolina still ranks second

Easy Deviled Eggs


Inspired by

● 1/2 cup mayonnaise

1/2 tsp ground mustard

● 2 tbsp milk

Salt, paprika, garlic powder, and pepper, to taste

● 1 tsp dried parsley flakes

● 1/2 tsp dill weed

12 large eggs, hard-boiled

1/2 tsp fresh chives, minced

Fresh parsley, minced, and paprika for garnish


1. In a large bowl, combine mayonnaise, milk, parsley flakes, dill, chives, mustard, salt, paprika, garlic powder, and pepper. Mix well and set aside. 2. Cut eggs lengthwise and remove yolks carefully to preserve egg whites. 3. In a small bowl, mash yolks. 4. Mix mashed yolks with mayonnaise mixture. 5. Spoon or pipe the mixture back into the egg whites. 6. Garnish with fresh parsley and paprika. Refrigerate before serving.

Puzzle Time

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Hear From Attorney Justin Jones


Easter Activities Helping Your Child Manage Stress


Stop DUI Collisions in Their Tracks Easy Deviled Eggs


The Best Locations for Spring Blooms

See Spring Bloom In These Beautiful Locations

and lilies dot its lush green landscape. It’s dubbed “Wildflower National Park” throughout this time of year, and you can experience it by car or on foot. The park also offers expert-led tours that weave through the flowers during their peak bloom. Crested Butte Crested Butte, Colorado, is best known for its winter sports and summer hikes. But recently it has drawn the attention of flower enthusiasts for its unique pink, orange, and gold alpine wildflowers that appear in the spring. This natural phenomenon even inspired the creation of the annualWildflower Festival inmidsummer, which features nature walks, art, photography, culinary experiences, and more. For a truly unique experience, you can even ascend the town’s titular Crested Butte to spot some rare alpine sunflowers next to the picturesque West Elk Mountains.

Antelope Valley The California Poppy Reserve in Lancaster, California, is a 1,780-acre park that features sloping hills covered with fields of vibrant orange, yellow, and red poppies in the spring. Warm temperatures and heavy rainfall across Southern California during this time of year create a brief period of thick blooms as far as the eye can see. And while the poppies can be enjoyed from the comfort of your car, the best way to experience them is to walk the leisurely Antelope Loop Trail for a breathtaking, up-close adventure. Spring flora is gorgeous and naturally attracts large crowds of people every year. If you plan to visit any of these destinations, just remember that their ecosystems are delicate. Respect park signs, stay on designated trails, and do your part to make sure these flowers return year after year for future generations to enjoy.

Spring is here, whichmeans beautiful flowers are finally showing themselves after a long winter. Here are some of the best places in the U.S. to see flower blossoms and welcome the season. Great Smoky Mountains The Great Smoky Mountains National Park stretches across North Carolina and Tennessee, andwhile its scenery is beautifulyear-round, the park is especially alluring to nature enthusiasts during the spring. Through this season, miles of lady’s-slipper orchids, irises, cardinal flowers,

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