King's Business - 1951-09

. . . but a bigger and better paper. Formerly just a pupil’s leaflet, it now blossoms out as a full-fledged' Sunday School paper. Here a re som e o f the m any a ttra ctiv e fe a tu re s: • Conduct stories that make Bible truths live • Puzzle pictures, riddles, etc, • Four-color Bible pictures & stories (same as those featured in former PRIMARY DAYS) Plan now to use this exciting new paper next quarter. Mail the coupon below to get free samples. MORI THAN EVER Hhhepupils,choice* power and rmy&uMAetfy Every week more than 400,000 copies of power and my counsellor go out to youngsters— and adults— of all denominations. These papers are pop­ ular because they are: • Written about people and things your pupils are interested in • Phrased in straight-to-the - point language that your pupils understand • Attractively styled in modern design % Designed to put over a definite spiritual message Your class can learn to live for Christ— joyfully and enthusiastically—through these inspiring papers. Check these attractive features for yourself— mail the coupon right away. Iwanttoseeformyselfjustwhatyour SundaySchoolpapersarelike.Pleasesendme— FREE sample copies of po w er (for teen * agers and young adults) fr ee sample copies of m y c o u n s e llo r (for 9- to 13-year-olds) f r e e sample copies of p r im a r y d a ys (for 6- to 8-year-olds) # NAME______________________________________________ A D D R E S S _________________________________ CITY_______________ ZONE______ STATE________________ # S C R I P T U R E P R E S S 434 South Wabash, Chicago 5, III. Dept. .,KBP-91 * e o o e # o e e e o e e e Page Two

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That is what a prominent attorney re­ cently remarked about an American Bible Society Annuity Agreement found among the papers of a client. It so happened he himself was heavily invested in A.B.S. Annuity Agree­ ments. Many lawyers and business men are—for these excellent reasons: SAFETY: Full reserve of all annuity gifts are maintained. Payments to an­ nuitants have been made regularly for more than ICO years. SECURITY: Steady income (as high as 7% ) begins immediately, never

varies , is guaranteed for life, and is partially tax exempt. SATISFA CTION : All profits from this enterprise go to help a single, un­ changing, essential Christian Cause- vital to all Christian denominations —the world-wide distribution of the Bible in all languages "without note or comment!’ Send tod ay for the interesting FREE booklet, "A Gift That Lives” which tells how you can give and receive generously at the same time.



American Bible Society, 450 Park Avenue, New York 22, N. Y. Please send me, without obligation, your booklet KB41 entitled “ A Gift That Lives.”

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