SOS Physiotherapy: Is Back Pain Slowing You Down?

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SOS Physiotherapy is a physiotherapist owned clinic that was one of the first to open in the Kitchener- Waterloo area, over 25 years ago! To kick off our SPINAL COLUMN, what better way than to give a sneak peak into the history of Spinal, Orthopedic, & Sport Physiotherapy (S.O.S. Physiotherapy).

include a physiotherapy clinic in the lower level of the expanded student centre. That clinic opened in April 1995 and managed by Randall and Mike Clermont who is currently with WSM. Services also included massage therapy provided by Lambrini Mantzios, and Pedorthic Services by our own Kim Rau.

It starts off in 1991 with a young Physiotherapist, and soon to be entrepreneur, named Brian Gastaldi. With ties to the University of Waterloo as the head Athletic Therapist for over 7 years, Brian brought his Physiotherapy degree from the University of Toronto and

his skills from working at Fowler Kennedy Medicine Center in London to join his Partner Howard Feigel. Together they started a little multidisciplinary clinic (4,000 sqft!) in Kitchener called The Belmont Center for Physical Medicine. The centre offers spinal, orthopedic, and sport physiotherapy. The team consisted of physiotherapist Dave Slover, Kim Schmidt, R.M.T. who are both still with us today; Howard Feigel; Kim Rau (Pedorthic Services); and Dr. Forest Caldwell (Sports Medicine and Orthopedics). SOS grew rapidly and welcomed Jeff Garret within a year of opening and Randall Helmwould come aboard in the following year.The physiotherapists would jokingly call themselves “The Boys On Belmont”, a term still used today by the new boys (and girls) of Belmont! Shortly after Randall joined, a woman named Janice (Flynn) Moreside came to the clinic, and tendered her resume. Janice made it clear that a woman’s touch was needed to take the clinic to the next level. So Janice was hired! She did, indeed, bring a new perspective to the clinic and even began a brief period of early Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. A further opportunity presented itself in 1995. The University of Waterloo Campus Centre was expanding and soon to be renamed the Student Life Centre. Brian, Janice, Jeff, and Randall submitted a proposal to

In 2002 and 2004 Andrew Woelk and Jon Clay joined the SOS team respectively, and eventually partnered with Dave to purchase the Belmont S.O.S location. The new “Boys on Belmont” have welcomed therapists Adam Dafoe and Amy de Corte. Together they enjoy every day of patient care and the witty banter helps make acupuncture therapy a little more tolerable! Added services like KW Pelvic Health Physiotherapy with Beth Albert, along with continued relationships with Kim Rau & Associates, and our registered Massage Therapists Kim Schmidt, Trinity Hughes, and Jessica Deshevy, round out this amazing group to ensure all our patients’ needs are met. And finally, in April 2015 Andrew and Jon saw another opportunity in Elmira where they opened a 3rd SOS Physiotherapy clinic. It is a brand new 1700 sqft. space just off the main street of downtown Elmira. Adding Osteopathy with Lisa Fulcher to satellite KW Pelvic Health and Pedorthic Services makes the Elmira clinic another multidisciplinary site offering top care! So thats it! Growing relationships and space over more than 25 years, SOS Physiotherapy is here for you now and for years to come!

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