King's Business - 1928-03


March 1928

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But the world has not changed. The “ wisdom of the wise and the understanding of the prudent” have made no ad­ vancement. It is the same old natural mind that pits itself against the Spirit o f God. We need not hesitate more than Paul to meet it with the saving Gospel which is the “ power of God unto salvation,” for experience is a safer teacher than reason. History repeats itself. The world’s philoso­ phies go down into the dust, but the Gospel abides as the one satisfying Bread of Life. Though the learned brand you as a seed-picker, thank God that it is your privilege to bear the precious seed (Psa. 126:6), that has in itself (apart from your own abilities) the power to save, and by faithfully sowing it you shall “ doubtless come again with rejoicing, bearing your sheaves with you.” . .^, 14 . Frustrating the Feuds M AN Y Christians seem to-overlook the fact that Jesus Christ during His preaching ministry confined Him­ self largely to the pressing of very practical duties. While we hear much about “ following the teachings of Jesus,” there seem to be a large number who forget what He taught. Take, for instance, the course o f action He prescribed for the settlement of misunderstandings (Mt. 18:15-17). Dr. Torrey has said, “ There would be no long-cherished feuds in the church if these words were obeyed.” I f a brother trespasses against us (and the word “ tres­ pass” suggests that the matter is no mere trifle), we are to go to him in a kind spirit and show him his error. A fellowship in the Body of Christ has been severed. A cold­ ness has been brought into the church. ; Is it well that such a state o f things should be allowed to drift along? Our Lord would teach that, provided the offender does not soon confess his sin (Mt. 5:23-24), the offended one should approach the offender in the matter. “ I f he hears, thou hast gained thy brother.”. If ypur motive is to go and cram his words down his throat and thus gain personal satisfaction, leave the matter alone. But if your desire is to mend a broken fellowship, you may gain your brother and save the church from a bad situation. If he will not hear, persevere in seeking peace by call­ ing upon him again, taking two Christian witnesses with you. A united, prayerful reasoning with others may help. If the man still refuses to right the wrongs be has done, “ tell it to the church.” Invite thé prayers of the brotherhood and let him have the judgment of spiritual people in the matter. If he stands out against all this, but one course is left— “ Let hint be unto thee as a heathen man.” What is the Christian attitude toward the heathen? Do we hate them? Nay, we pray for them and work for them, knowing that they need salvation. A professing Christian who could persist in an action that he has been shown is thoroughly wrong, would surely show himself devoid o f the Spirit o f Christ. He needs converting and he can only be regarded as the rest of the heathen world. Will Jesus’ plan work? We believe it will. •Put it to the test. Straighten out that misunderstanding that has made you a star-gazer when you have met that other Christian. Do not let the breach widen.

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths” (Prov. 3 :6). In all thy ways— - Yes, not just here and there, and now and then, When all is fair and bright; But everywhere, and all the days From morn till night. Acknowledge Him— Yes, by His grace and through His mighty power, Just live to make Him known; In loving word, and look, and deed He may be shown. And then He shall— Yes, His own word, through all the days to come Shall be fulfilled to thee, He shall direct thy paths, and thou Shalt guided be. S. C. McK.

Dr. Hurlburt Takes Up Africa Work Dr. Charles E. Hurlburt has resigned his position as Superintendent of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, as having taken effect January first, in order that he may be able to give his chief time and strength to mission work in Africa, to which God called him many years ago. A t the present request of the Board of Directors o f the Bible Institute, he continues to give such time and counsel in an honorary way as his mission interests permit. W e shall give a fuller account in our next issue. Scientists Not Infallible The Forum magazine recently published an article by Major Leonard Huxley, son of the great Evolutionist of the last century. The following paragraph, coming from such a source, is most striking: “ Men o f science must not pride themselves on being free from error. In their own often very narrow fields of study their conclusions should carry great weight; but they themselves often fail to realize that, outside those fields, they are trusting largely to their common sense, whilst not seldom claiming for the opinions they hold the infallibility o f scientific truths. Scientific workers are apt, moreover, to pay too little attention to traditional warn­ ings passed on from generation to generation; warnings which are often the crystallized wisdom o f wise men in many past ages.”

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