King's Business - 1928-03


March 1928

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An Ohio paper says that the smallest volume in the world would be “Who’s Who in Italy?” * * * A recent writer has been setting up a plea for “untheological Christianity.” Someone replies, “You might as well plead for a boneless body.” * * * In Metropolitan area there are 350,000 Jewish children o f public school age. Only 70,000, one in five, receive any religious in­ struction. Shall nothing be done for the souls o f these children? ♦ * * If all the people reach heaven who are consigned there in funeral sermons, the place will be well crowded. One editor suggests that if some o f them get there, “it should take at least fourteen years for them to be naturalized.” . * * * Out of 5,962 faculty members at 100 state universities and colleges canvassed by “ The American Association on Re­ ligion,” Chicago and New York, 4,718, or 72 per cent, are church members, while 27 per cent have no religious affiliations.” * * * Modern science says: “Whatever goes into the germ-cell must come out in the offspring.” Bill Nye long ago expressed the same idea, when he said that every man should live with the thought ever be­ fore him that he might some day wake up to find himself a forefather. * * * “ Believed to be part of the true cross o f Christ, a fragment of wood has been sent to Father Douglas o f St. Luke’s Church.” So runs a paragraph in a news­ paper. Will we never reach the end of these bits o f wood from the Cross? Lit­ erally tons o f this “true wood” existed in pre-Reformation days, and still it comes. O f what virtue would it be, if one actually did have a splinter o f the Cross? * * ♦ The constant blowing off of the A. A. A. A. in the press o f the country reminds us of Abraham Lincoln’s remark about a boat that plied the Mississippi. It had such a big whistle that every time it was blown, they had to stop the boat to get up steam. If these Atheists have anything left after they are through telling the pub­ lic what they are going to do to the Chris­ tian religion, we may expect them, to pro­ duce some actual proof that there is no God. * * * A man who recently made application to be admitted to the Los Angeles County Poor Farm, arrived on the scene and asked an official where he was to park his

sedan. Informed that the county did not provide garages, he motored away in dis­ gust. And that is the way some people want to come to God. Where will they put their self-righteousness? Heaven has no place for it. Better come empty- handed, brother. You’ll stand a better chance of getting ifl. * * * Dr. William Brady, noted writer on health topics, refer? to the letter of a six- teen-year-old girl who worked in an office which was filled from morning until night with the smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipes. Dr. Brady states that the con­ dition to which she was exposed led di­ rectly into the first stages of consumption, and he comments: “ It is inexcusable for a business man to subject an employee to such poisoning.” Can it be that any pro­ fessed follower of Christ is in need of such a hint ?

ing “his own sick and unhealthy children, as well as dead and half-rotten animals.” What earthly sense is there in Christians trying to compromise with the evolution theory as held by most o f the scientists? Dr. Biederwolf refers to the pathetic ef­ fort o f would-be “ Christian evolutionists” who are “willing to allow that God b.eathed His moral likeness into this low­ browed, hair-covered, ape-like, repulsive creature somewhere along down the ages, when it became respectable enough to have this dignity thrust upon it. But tell me,” says Dr. Biederwolf, “how could such a beastly creature be the type and the pat­ tern o f the Christ, as Paul (Rom. 5 :14) distinctly says our first ancestor really ' was?”-.\vj ' JA A - * * * A fair sample o f what one must guard against in using one-man Bible transla­ tions, comes out in Moffatt’s New Testa­ ment, Lk. 23:44-45: “ Darkness covered the whole land until three o’clock, owing to an eclipse o f the sun.” There is no in­ dication that an eclipse was in the mind o f Luke, or that one took place. It is only at new moon that there can be an eclipse o f the sun, and the crucifixion was the time o f the Paschal full moon. No eclipse lasting three hours has ever been recorded. I f the darkness is to be con­ nected with any natural phenomena, it might better be associated with the earth­ quake, which might have filled the air with heavy clouds of dust. It is a safe rule to trust these modern versions only in so far as they accord with the apparent meaning as given in our accepted versions. The Cleveland Plain-Dealer a few weeks ago carried this heading: “ Bishop Blesses Hunt Club.” Under the shadow of an Episcopal church, the saintly bishop, bear­ ing a crucifix, blessed the members o f a hunting club, together with their horses and hounds. He was assisted by the vicar o f the church. “ I am happy to take part in this most unusual occasion,” said the bishop, “when we call God’s blessing upon us to enjoy our sport and community af­ fairs. Bless, O Lord, the rider and the horse,” intoned the vicar. “ Bless ■ the hounds that run; and by their running give strength and cleanness o f mind to all who join in this sport.” The huntsman’s horn rang out. Up went the forty-seven tails o f the pack. The riders sprang to their saddles. They were off. A few minutes later rain came in deluges, and the hunt was called off. Thus was the Bishop’s prayer answered. We do not read that the Bishop included in his bless­ ing the fox or the rabbit, which it was hoped would be chased for an hour by baying hounds, racing horses and men and women, until it dropped from sheer ex­ haustion. * * *

Ingersoll’s “ IF” Robert Ingersoll, the notorious infidel o f an earlier generation, had a godly aunt to whom he sent a copy o f one of his books attacking the Bible. On the fly­ leaf was written over his signa­ ture : “ I f all Christians had lived like Aunt Sarah, perhaps this book would never have been written!”

You’ve often heard it said that Jews are not found in prisons. They are said to be a law-abiding people. Rabbi Katz of New York, who is one of the chaplains of Sing Sing, recently let it slip that 16 per cent of the prisoners there are Jews, and that 10.6 per cent o f all prisoners in the State are Jews. Considering the propor­ tion o f Jews in the state population, that would seem to be a very large proportion of law-breakers. Let us not get the idea that the Jews do not need the Gospel in order to make them law-abiding citizens, * * * About 800 dialect translations o f the Bible in whole or in part have now been made. One o f the most recent of these was by Rev. T. C. Vinson, a Southern Presbyterian missionary, for the' Balubas, one of the largest tribes of Central Africa. It took years o f strenuous toil to produce this translation, a task that many a man would have considered a thankless one. But Mr. Vinson now has the thrill o f see­ ing the light o f the glorious Gospel let into that dark corner o f the world. * * * H. G. Wells tells us that our first an­ cestor was an eater of decaying meat, eat­

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