King's Business - 1928-03


T h e

K i n g ’ s

March 1928

B u s i n e s s



T hey S ay ...

The words of this song were written by Mrs. Dorothy Polsue, a bed-ridden saint residing at Sierra Madre, Calif. She has given them the form o f a negro spiritual and the musical setting carries out this idea. Here is a song that carries the full Gospel message and we trust it may be used to the glory o f our great Saviour. 129 I Have a Pilot. Dorothy B. Polsue SOLO, or Soprano and Tenor DUET —N -S -T—I—I m Keith L. Brooks -H =4= • n ■' 1 1/ s - -#- • -0- ■r I 'g. JB 1. I’ll sail old Jor - dan bye and bye,...... My Lord will pi - lot me o’er Jor-dan Jor - dan and bye, 2. I have a homeBS| on Canaan’s side,........ My Lord prepared a home for a home her side: 3. When Jesus calls,... I’ll sail a-way,........ My Lord will call for me and He calls, . a - way, 4. I shall not fear...... old Jordan’ s wave,.... My Lord is near, I shall not not fear her waves mm b i EE3E3E * • me on Canaan’sside;...... Have yon a home...... the tide? I will sail a - way;....... You, too, must cross,... the tide some day,........... The a - way; must cross someday, fear old Jordan’ s wave;... Who’llbe the guide...... your soul to save?........ Will her wave; W m w m m the guide H I to. save, I ■ §1 - M — jß—m r„ ----------- 0-Vr-ß ----- _ I_ * — v —ß * V V ¡7 C horus ^™ I w BËP v U '■ 1 pi-lot me o’er roll-lng Jor-dan bye and bye? # you a homepreparedfor you on Ca - naan’s side? I have a Pi-lot o-verlife’ s across the tide?........ Have her side; a home . -0 • Jordan bye and bye;.' — ------------------------IS;-----------1--------- _ _____j - 1 — 0 ------------ S i — ■7-=-------- V 1 J 2 Ä . a i * — H : l 1 OldJordan’swaves are rolling high,........ Who’ll ' 9 V and bye; her waves roll high,

Roger Lewis, in Atlantic Monthly: “ I once knew a man who could bear physical infirm­ ity without growing garrulous about it. But he hardly counts as an exception to the general rule. He had lockjaw.” Catherine B o o t h-Clibborn: “ Sermons are nowadays ad­ dressed to ‘thinking people,’ in­ stead o f to sinners! With all due respect to scientists, scholars, professors theological and other­ wise,, I would remind them that ‘all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.’ ” A. B. Austin: “There is no reason under ' heaven why a congregation should give of their hard-earned money to sup­ port a preacher, if he is hot en­ riching and stimulating them. And he himself cannot eat the bread of honesty unless he is making them this return.” Los Angeles Times: “ One trouble with this country is that a jail sentence doesn’t seem to hurt the social standing o f a mil­ lion dollars.” ISA— Christian Nation Magazine : “ Civilization, however refined and progressive, without honor­ ing a personal Lord and Saviour, will meet its perdition in its prosperity.” ^ :__ , Ramsey McDonald in Man­ chester Guardian: “ The naval authorities in the various coun­ tries may agree to reduced pro­ grams which, whilst affecting national economies, do not dis­ turb the balances o f power or relative fighting efficiency. So far as they go they are good, but they are pure measures of econ­ omy, and do not bring world peace an inch or a day nearer.” Seen on a Church Bulletin Board: “ If more children were brought up, fewer people would need to be sent up.” Roger W. Babson: “The three greatest institutions, or the three greatest forces in the world’s his­ tory, have been the church, Sab­ bath observance and family prayers.” __ W. A . Cline: “ Couples who regularly attend Church seldom ever appear in courts o f domes­ tic relations. Children from church-going homes seldom land in the Juvenile Court.”

call willcomefor you andyou mustsail a - way. you cross safely o-ver Jordan’s roll - ing wave? ■XfL SÜ




1 • • WÊÊÊ

m m . ~W P~


\S M sea, (life’s sea,) My blessedSaviour is theOne who pilots me; I ’m sailing t’ward e IHSHg !-T n i M li m ■ - BKSHSHBi , 0-+0 —“— fiSma — v ^ T II, . j , frriK: ! ^ r. -V " ■H l«. -0Üß-ß j 0 » - 0- •- I * m


' î S ÌYI


w. m

*,—a—j — -i » a _ m m

V V . T I.- V ter-ni-ty-I’Ilsoon the heav’nly harbor see, For Jesusismy Pilot o’erlife’s sea.(life’ ssea i a l /w in „ _ u | , | n ■ W-Vi ^ 0 r. * i ; ?» -f- p r i i e z mm ± = t ± S ». Is is is International Copyright, 1928, by Herbert G. Tovey l i g i

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