King's Business - 1928-03

March 1928


T h j ì

K i n g ’ s

B u s i n e s s

known to his power. He has captured one o f the intellec­ tual and educational departments of the Church and is boldly teaching rationalism, and when he gets an oppor­ tunity he teaches Bolshevism, Socialism, and finally Anar­ chy. Therefore, the necessity for real evangelism is greater today than ever before. Jesus Christ demanded

saint to the sinner. It is mathematically correct, it is scientifically correct, it is ordained of Almighty God, and it is the program of the Holy Spirit. If the Church were doing her evangelistic duty and if every member o f the Church were finding his man, pray­ ing with him, talking to him, explaining the Scriptures to

t h a t Christianity become universal. He does not recog­ nize or permit the false., r e l i g i o n s above mentioned. H ouse to H ouse E vangelism I mperative T h e necessity for the first-cen­ tury evangelism, the h o u s e-to-house evangelism, t h e evangelism which is imbued w i t h the spirit o f God, con­ trolled by the Holy Ghost, magnified by Christ and vested with the powers of t h e Godhead, is needed more today than ever before in the history o f the world. Spectacular, n o i s y evangelism will not defeat the strategies of the devil. TH IRD&THE H O L Y SP IR IT P R O G R A M . When Jesus Christ sent His disciples out by twos to do this work He gave the most scientific method as well as the m o s t devout,, spiritual method of doing evangelism that has ever been t r i e d . Two are more t h a n twice one in any contest. In the first cen­ tury the Holy Spir­ it directed them to go from house to house, the federal heads o f the houses conferring, praying

him, and leading him to C h r i s t , America could be evangelized in thirty days. The trouble is that the indi­ vidual Christian is absolutely ignorant of his evangelistic duty, or he is so in­ fernally lazy t h a t he will not perform it. I f the elders of t h e Presbyterian C h u r c h would handpick one man each week and lead him to Christ they could lead 180,000 people to C h r i s t each m o n t h ; or, they could bring to Christ and into the P r e s b y t e r i a n Church 2,160,000 souls e v e r y year. But the a v e r a g e elder is so lazy that he will not even at­ tend prayer meet­ ing. We need work­ ers, not shirkers; we need prayers, n o t players;' ■we need p e r s o n a l workers, not ego­ tistical peacocks. T h e H oly G host P lan There is but one plan o f evangelism, namely, the: ;Holy Ghost’s plan, and His. plan is per­ sonal evangelism. A great deal of what has been said ap­ plies to the minis­ ters. I f .they were to do personal work and make an appeal at the end of each evangelistic s e r ­

A Holy Revival. A n E a r n e s t P r a y e r f o r a G ra ci o u s R e T i v a l .^ Psalm 85:6 Herbert G. Tovey

H. G. T.

i l i


I ' ' 1. There’s a cry in our heartsfor re- vi - valpow’r, It reach-es the whole world 2. There is naught in theworld that cantake Thy place, No oth- er can make a- 3. Deal with each waiting soul as we pray, 0 , Lord, Con-vict us of an - y 4. From Thy Church inthe world there is just one cry, All col - orsand creeds u- 5. For re - viv - ing we ask, that in those now lost The Gos - pel may wield its i - 0 ----A »- . 0 rP" T~ 0 ----1«---- 0 0 ----H 5A S — ¡»— I S u u . H H a

Jfc The free use of this song and a duplicate plate at cost may be obtained by writing to the address below. Leaflets for use in meetings, or for pasting in regular church hymn books, may also be freely obtained in any quantity. A group of people are starting this song on its J-°urney that God will visit His Church all over the world with a gracious revival. Will you join them in this prayer? Address: HERBERT G- TOVEY, 536 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, California, tT.S.A.

together, catechizing the children, catechizing the servants, catechizing the members of the family, breaking bread together, praying and literally evangelizing the people of those households. He extended Christ’s plan and made it the permanent plan of the Church. Personal evangelism is the plan o f the Holy Ghost. He commands the individual Christian to handpick the lost souls. There is but one kind o f evangelism, namely, personal evangelism, the

mon, more people would be saved and be brought to Christ and into the church. The average preacher is an evangel­ istic deadhead. He has lost his position as an evangelist because ignorant o f his duty. He doesn’t know how to preach an evangelistic sermon. He is talking books and poetry and moving pictures and every other form of trash that can be conceived. He has been destroyed by one of the devil’s strategies.

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