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March 1928


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approximately 100,000,000 years old. That would be the geologic age o f the earth. This is a very good measure, provided it is used right, but you will see that 100,000,000 years is far short of being the billion years that evolutionists now want in order to accomplish their evolution. However, they ought to shorten the time a whole lot more. The oceans were certainly NOT salt to begin with. (Readers will understand that I am not talking from the standpoint o f Genesis, but from naturalism, that is, on a basis the evolutionists will have to regard if they are honest.) Geologists believe that the earth was so hot before there were any oceans that all the water was in the air as hot steam; “ the earth was waste and void and darkness was on the face o f the deep.” Mixed with'that water would be compounds o f chlorine, sulphur fumes, and carbon dioxide. All o f these form strong acids when mixed with water, so when the earth cooled and the water was precipitated, it would be so charged with acid that it would eat into the rocks, dissolving the minerals, and the oceans would be. very salt to begin with. Consequently, instead o f starting with fresh-water oceans, we would start with salty oceans. It would take no billion years, no hundred million o f years’ time to get the present amount of salt into the ocean. Therefore the oceans cannot possibly be anything like the age evolutionists assert, and we should decide that evolution did not work. If we take the measure of sediment in estimating geologic time, we see the weather eating into rocks and we see mud being carried into the ocean by every river and brook. If it went at the present raté for about 100,000,000 years it would move all the sediment that geologists believe has been moved, (See “ The Origin and Evolution o f Life,” H. E, Osborn, or “ The Evolution of the Earth,” Yale University Press.) However, if that sediment moved very fast, naturally it would all be moved long before 100,000,000 years could take place, and we see it did moye rapidly, in .fact, just as if the Genesis deluge moved it.

T remendous D eposits a t O n e T im e Our petroleum deposits, as I said, come from the bodies of animals which were killed and buried so quickly by the movement of mud and water that they could not decay. Nothing like that occurs now. Fossils o f fishes are found by the million or billion, and this includes fishes from deep water. Who can imagine even a Mississippi flood multiplied a thousand times catching and killing and covering with sand or clay a school of herring, so that they would make perfect fossils? Nothing but a Genesis Deluge could do it, and if fossils were covered like that they certainly were not covered gradually during 100.000. 000 years, or one million years, or one thousand years. We ought to take the Genesis record and be done with it. By what right, I would like to ask any geologist, do they ignore those things and then say the earth is 800.000. 000 years old or even older? I challenge them to reply. They ignore these reasonable measures o f geologic time and fall back on the composition of uranium-lead ores, but I assert that they know nothing whatever o f the origin o f such uranium oxide nor the, condition o f the material when the rock came into its present position. This time question is a most interesting one. Many of my readers doubtless have heard o f the alleged evolution o f the modern horse from an alleged ancestor about the size o f a fox, who had three and four toes. Osborn in the book mentioned earlier estimated the earth as being 60.000. 000 years old, giving about 2,500,000 years to the evolution of the horse; that is, the change from little horse to big horse would take 2,500,000 years. It is well to compare that change with others. Whales are highly organized creatures. Supposedly the earliest mammal (milk-giving, hairy beast) was something like an opossum, only smaller. (Egg-laying mammals actually are assumed to .have preceded these, but never mind that.) The opossum-like creature would have had to change into a generalized placental mammal, the ancestor

Jews ask for ban on sightseeing at their wall A petition handed to the High Commissioner o f Palestine by Jewish worshipers at the western wall o f the Temple, known as the Wailing Wall, asked that the gen­ erally accepted rules in regard to sightseeing at the holy places in Jerusalem also be enforced, at the Wall. The Jewish worshipers requested that the Jerusalem police be di­ rected to prevent sightseers from visiting the Wall during the hours o f prayer on Friday night and Saturday. The petition says that many of the spectators, who often come in large numbers, display an irreverent attitude which is offen­ sive to the worshipers.

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