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March 1928

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family tree fixed up than in getting their alleged schedule of animal descent. T h e B a lan c e of E vidence Now, in all of this problem, it must be emphasized that many features o f great importance cannot be touched at all. Also, in justice to the geologists I should say that they have strong evidence in favor o f their belief in the kind of earth history they accept. The scientists are neither ignorant nor unreasonable. There is much to be said on both sides o f the matter. I hope they will decide that the fundamentalist has science on his side also. In general let me say that the balance of evidence is in favor o f the rapid movement of sediment, that is, in favor of Genesis, rather than in favor of the geologic ages theory, for many reasons I will not mention now. If geologists would say that the strata are arranged to suit the geologic age theory rather than the Deluge theory, I will merely point out instances in great number where what they call old sediment is .above what they call younger rock. I will point out that in some o f these cases the rocks are distorted, crushed and crumbled, and evidently the upper rock is older than the younger; but in numerous other instances whole mountain masses lie smooth and undis­ turbed, where there has been no shoving over and where the rocks could not exist as they now are if there had been this series o f geologic ages. Above all things the earth is NOT old. If it is not, our only conclusion must be that the Creator formed it in the beginning and that it came to be as it is in a catastrophe very much like that of the Deluge o f Genesis. no direct mord o f the Lord from the prophets; no teach­ ing as to what was clean and unclean, from the priests; no example of rectitude and impartial judgment from the princes. In themidst of all this we are given a glimpse into the heart of God. “ I sought fo r a man among them, that should make up the fence and stand in the gap ... . . ’’ Israel could only stand in the battle against her foes by having no “ gaps,” no “ breaches” in the walls for the foe to enter. The prophets might build up a slight wall, daubed with untempered mortar, but the Lord would not protect such a fence, and said: “ I will break down the wall that ye have daubed . . .” (Ezek. 13:10-14). S p ir itu a l D au bing What is the spiritual “ daubing” and spiritual building depicted here? To wit, “ saying, Peace, and there is no peace.” Words of men giving temporary comfort and leading souls to rely on false foundations, are said by God to be “ daubed” building. Only the actual, true, pure words o f God can make a wall which will stand the on­ slaught of the enemy in the day o f battle. The prophets of Israel, instead of telling men the truth, prophesied “ out of their own heart,” and gave the people “ lying divina­ tion,” seeing “ visions of peace” (Ezek. 13:16), when God .said “ There is no peace.” What is the message to us in these last days, from Ezekiel’s words to Israel? Just this, that somehow a “ breach” has come in the “ fence” of God’s protection '.¿Afe.

of cats, horses, monkeys, etc., then into an animal some­ thing like a wolf, that would change into a creature some­ thing like an otter, living mostly in the water, and that by degrees into porpoises and whales. This is the whale pedigree in rough outline, according to evolution. Little horse to big horse would take 2,500,000 years, but changes comparable with those from opossum to wolf, to otter, to seal, to porpoise, to whale, would have to be accomplished in only about 1,000,000 years, or far less than the time needed to change little horse to big horse. You see, when evolutionists get down to cases they are all mixed up in their time schedule. Fishes would have had to evolve into amphibians, like the modern water puppy, in approximately one million years, using Osborn’s time scale. That is, a fish would have had to have his fins change to legs, he would have had to learn to breathe air, have heart, lungs, 'and nearly all about him change so that he would turn from water animal to air-breathing land animal all during the rather short Devonian period, although it took about three times as long for little horse to change into big horse. The thing does not make sense. Eyes would have had to evolve at different periods, legs would have had to change into wings in rep­ tiles, birds and bats, without saying what the wings of insects came from. Ferns would have had to change into pines and into violets, oaks, palm trees and grass. The time problem is even more difficult among plants than among animals, and evolutionists are more helpless in getting their botanical


Standing In the Gap B y th e lat e M r s . P e n n -L ew is

"I sought for a man among . them that should make up the fence, and stand in the gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found none” (Ezek. 22:30 R. V.).

H AT was the condition of Israel when the Lord looked for a man able to apprehend the situation, and stand before Him? The Lord briefly sketched the condition as He saw it, and said that (1 ) Prophets, (2 ) Priests, (3 ) Princes, and (4 ) People, were

all turning to their own way. The Prophets were set apart to be His messengers, chosen to stand before Him and bear His words to the people, but they were acting as destroyers o f the people, instead o f deliverers conveying faithfully the messages o f God. They spoke to the peo­ ple who resorted to them for guidance “ a vision o f their own heart, and not out of the mouth o f the Lord” (Jer. 23 :16), saying, “ The Lord hath said, Ye shall have peace . . . .” when there was no peace. The Priests also were failing in their office. “ They have put no difference between the holy and the common, neither have they caused men to discern between the un­ clean and the clean” (v. 26), said the Lord, The priestly “ vision” was gone. The Princes, like the Prophets, are described as “ ravening the prey” (v. 27), because they were seeking gain. With the prophets and priests and princes all unfaithful, it was no wonder that the people used oppres­ sion, and vexed the poor and needy. They were having

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