King's Business - 1928-03


March 1928

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K i n g ’ s

B u s i n e s s

O triking Stories of God’s Working O O --------------GATHERED THIS MONTH FROM BIOLA WORKERS-------------- O

H. H. Herschberger—The Happy Hustler T AKE a look at a real K ing ’ s B u sin e ss HUSTLER . For seven years he has represented this magazine in Minneapolis, securing in that time 1,229 new subscrip­ tions and 1,707 renewals. We have just notified him that

“ Can you hear the chimes?” asked the daughter at the bedside. “ Yes,” replied the mother; “ they are playing ‘Nearer My God to Thee.’ ” She listened intently, as the bell ringer went on to play “ Safe in the Arms of Jesus.” As the hymn came to a close, the daughter looked at her mother, who seemed to have dropped peacefully to sleep* Something impressed her to speak to her mother. There- was no answer. She was “ safe in the arms o f Jesus.” Thus again the message o f the Institute chimes had been blessed to a sotil. — o—-- Sermonette From a Prisoner V AR IOUS departments o f our Institute have for years kept in touch with men who have been converted in prisons, supplying them with correspondence courses, if desired, and with T h e K in g ’ s B u sin e ss and other Chris­ tian literature. It has been a joy to watch the spiritual growth of some of these men and to receive from them reports o f the souls won by them. From a man in the prison at Charlestown, Massachu­ setts, we have recently received a letter from which we quote some searching paragraphs: “ While religious experts are holding committee meet­ ings and conferences to decide whether this or that should be done, souls are going deeper and deeper into hell’s dark­ ness, It is love and sacrifice and action that God wants. Nothing else can please Him Who made so great a sacrifice for us. “ I once felt the call to God’s service, but I loved the world better than the cross o f Christ, but God was not to be trifled with. He placed the rod o f chastisement upon my vile back and humbled me to the dust in a prison cell. I am now thirty-five, and sin has made me in appearance a man in the late forties. “ Oh, yes, it is still time to save a man after he gets in jail, but oh, the seed has been sown and he must reap. This is an irrefragable law, both divine and natural. The blood o f Jesus can wash away sin, but sin will leave its stamp and its scars, I fell hard and low. I became so vile that I would contaminate a leper. Sin undermined my mental powers. While I have, by God’s help, fought every hair’s breadth to the standards required by God’s Word, I can never erase the scars. “ The best friends I have had here in any soul-seeking work are.the Bible Institutes. I have received hundreds of booklets and tracts for distribution among the inmates. I have had much bitter opposition, but have not let it stop my work. I am working for Christ, and if is my duty to seek to save every soul I can. “ Again and again I have made promises to supply con­ verts with spiritual helps, in the name of Christians out­ side who agreed to supply me and back me up in prayer, and they have failed me and forgotten me. Oh, if we want souls for Christ, we must show them that God loves them no matter how much they may hate Him. Please, please

he is at the top of our list o f nearly 300 hustlers for 1927. .Mr. Herschberger works as a bookkeeper from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m., then runs a dictaphone and typewriter until 6 :30. His magazine solicitation work is done by mail outside o f his work hours, and every cent of commission he' earns is given to Christian work. He has earned hundreds of dollars in spare time and declares that “ God cannot help but bless1the gifts to His work that come in this way.” We have announced prizes to agents who secure the greatest number of subscriptions before July 1; 1928. Mr. Herschberger- writes that he is getting out a dodger at one?,,, and is going after first prize. We wish to give honorary mention, also, to A . H. Flannigan of Chicago, who has thus far this year sent us over 50 subscriptions; Will A . Webster, of Pasadena, Calif;,,*.who has sent us-45; Miss Lydia Miller, of Puente, Calif., who has sent us 31, and Miss Gladys Bond, a B. I. student, who has procured 26. Safe In His Arms T HE evening bells, were ringing at the Bible Institute. In a huiiibie home some blocks from the Institute, an -aged mother lay upon her bed of illness awaiting the call to go To that better hofne above. • >;■'IV ¿¡¡p

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